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I don't like Matt Serra, he's a prick.

He also is pretty much only famous for his mouth, and people love hype, so I can see why Dana would sign him up b/c if there is hype, you'll sell more PPVs and fight tickets.....but that doesn't make him a fighter.

Training hard, setting a good example for others, serving others through charity work, supporting your family, and serving God above everything are what makes a fighter truly great in my eyes.

Which is why I also can't understand why one of my best friends really likes Matt Serra. She and her hubby (whose house I live in), watched TUF 6 and they thought Matt Serra was likable and she doesn't like MH. I almost moved out of the basement, jk, but still, it was a tough point for awhile there.....

Sorry, but fluke knocking out GSP once should not give Serra a top 10 spot. If anyone with a brain saw recent pictures of him, he's really let himself go and I can totally agree and concur why Matt does not like him after what he's said and done. So I hope Matt knocks him out at 98 in Vegas
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