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Tyburn 10-17-2012 08:10 PM

British Government Defies US Extradition Treaty
The English Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has decided, courtesy of the Governmental Secretary of State, to defy the demands of the Federal Republic of the United States of America regarding the Extradition Packt of 2003.

The Extradition Packt of 2003 was signed between the Labour Government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the Republican Government of George Bush specifically in the fall out of the US War on Terror. The idea was to make extradition of terrorist suspects between Westminster and Washington far more easy.

Unfortunately this Treaty was heavily lopsided towards granting the President of the United States of America full access to anyone they deemed a terrorist threat located outside their physical soverignty, whether they committed a crime or were just suspected, and including those who never physically visited the United States when carrying out, or being suspected of, terrorist activites towards her. The definition of the word Terrorist is so liberal its been abused by the United States to gain access to anyone they wish by simply labling them "terrorist" and claiming any crime against America is Terrorist activity.

The Blair Government eventually fell for being seen as a mere extention of the United States. Many in England considered Tony Blair to be subservient to George Bush akin to a State Guvenor of some type. The war against Iraq was most unpopular, and both Blair and Bush were accused of lying in order to get conditions for the war passed through legislation. There were calls in England for Tony Blair to be tried as a war criminal in the United Nations.

Whilst the following Labour Government cooled the burning desire to appease the Washington based Congress, and all members of the authorities of the time were releaved of their office, the treaty remained intact, and was largely forgotten by the British Government following the wall street wobble, a double dip recession and the Euro Currency crisis of the European Union.

One case, that of Aspergers Syndrome Sufferer, Gary MacKinnon was used as a lynch pin for the re-assertion of the Conservative end of the spectrum in England who did not like the action of Europe or America and actually believed that it was time for England to stand up to those who believed they were superior to her.

So began a long battle with the British Government to convince them to say NO to the Americans about the extradition of a man who had hacked into the NASA database and embarissed the American Administration. The search for little green men from a mentally retarded individual did not need to resort to being tried as a terrorist and being locked up for sixty years, expecially as he never once set foot in the United States.

The American Establishment, now under the executive command of Barack Obama insisted, despite a personal State visit from the Prime Minister pleading for an exemption, that the treaty be upheld. Europe refused to hear the appeals, the new Supreme Court followed suit, and a previous Secretary of State rulled in favour of the Americans.

Then a member of the Crown Prosecution Service alleged that the Secretary of State had acted unlawfully and a full judicial review, under the premise that not only was this extradition unwarrented, but the whole, entire treaty was unfair and needed to be torn apart.

The findings of those results were presented to the present Secretary of State this past week, and as far as the Government, Opposition, and Media were concered, Theresa May was about to step in line.

Less then an hour before the official announcement, the US Ambassidor was called and told the truth. Theresa May stood up in The House of Commons and announced amidst a round of applause from the politicians, that not only would she tell the Americans that they were not going to have Gary McKinnon, but further, that she was going to reform the US Extradition Treaty of 2003 alltogether

She has come underfire of course for double standards since she was all for shipping REAL terrorists to the US, one of which went last week...but here was the statement on her judgement decision

The US Ambassidor was most unkind about the British Judiciary following the announcement. President Obama was said to be "dissapointed"

But I guess he'll get over least for what are expected to be his last few weeks in office :laugh:

Now if only they will stand up to the European Union and the German Chancellor...we might yet regain some of our once mighty soverignty :wink:

Neezar 10-18-2012 01:57 PM

This doesn't bother me much. It will cost the british in the long run.

Provide a safe haven for terrorist. They don't seem to like you guys much either. Well, they may show a little mercy (cause they are known for their empathy/compassion :rolleyes:) on you now that they will be wanting to live there. Better there than here.

Good luck with that. :laugh:

Tyburn 10-18-2012 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by Neezar (Post 195593)
Provide a safe haven for terrorist.

But thats the issue...we DONT regard everyone wanted by the US as a Terrorist. Those people who plan mass murders, bombers, and wayward islamic preachers we are all for sending to the US if they ask

a retarded computer hacker who ventured into know...we dont actually see that as a threat to either ourselves nor yourself...what we actually see is the US need to assert authority simply because someone with harmless intentions managed to embariss them.

What we are actually saying is that the United States has abused this extradition treaty by miss classification for their own gratuitious need to try and cling to Superpower status which they are poised to looose.

Its also not right for any Soverign State to be in bondage to another, Americans of all peoples should understand that its a form of Tyrany to impose your laws onto another was Wrong when an English King marginalized his collonies rather then Serving them as was his duty...its equally wrong for an American President to dictate British Foreign Policy.

Your History however does lean increadibly towards your Federal Government believing that this type of Tyrany, if done towards them is an act of war, but if done BY them, well its perfectly acceptable as a form of National Security...We've seen that with the United America was the impotus to set up a Forum to prevent Imperialism from ever taking the form of Empire again, Binding soverignties by International Law from any Unilateral issues. Yet she is largely incapable of acting by those same rules herself...infact America now hates her own creation...Why? because its doing exactly the job she set it up to do...she just never thought it might actually stop HER imperial tendancies. The irony will never be lost on any European.

Our major problem however has nothing to do with the US, nor Europe...but something called the Apeal Court of Human Rights...That has, EXACTLY like the US, abused its position by claiming that criminals have certain rights that they should no longer be given. When people committ crimes, they should be punished...they should not be permitted to vote, they should not be given X-boxes, they should not be let out early to ease congestion, they should not be allowed to sue the prison service because they cant bloody sleep, or have been hurt by other prisoners whilst in custody. Clearly, to allow those things goes far beyond human infacts GIVES MORE RIGHTS to those people...How come to take away their X-Box is to deny them their human right should they slip into depression and the quality of their life suffer.. when I work for a living, I am clinically depressed, and where the hell is my ••••ing Xbox????

Do you see?

The US calls anyone it wants a terrorist so it can get them, the Appeals Court of Human Rights makes all things "Rights" to REAL terrorists to stop justice being done, lest its an unpleasent experience for them.

Together, BOTH the American Federation and the European Federation are an affront to Justice and Freedom. The words issued by them both, be it "Freedom" or "Human Rights" are meaningless when they simply can not act responsibly and sensibly

Englands crime is that it fails to stick up for itself. It bends over backwards to comprimise so much so it falls over. Its frightened by its friends, and frightened of its enemies, and strategically plans to stay in the shade of another because it hasnt the balls to say no. We hide behind being older and wiser, when really we are nothing but weaker, and somewhere inside we know that we cant live up to the hype, so we associate ourselves with the elite to appear, by association as one of them, like some kinda tart looking to break the glass ceiling. Its deplorable. Our Politicians are all the same, no matter which party they come from, they try to disband that which is there to add to their moral legitamacy and call it progress, they corrupt themselves with illegal spending, and waste time arguing over who sent what to who in a text message, and what some pompous toff really did say to policeman when enraged. One Spends money it doesnt have, the other is tighter then a penny pincher....and noone really gives a damn about Her Majesty The Queen.

Neezar 10-19-2012 01:07 PM


BradW 10-20-2012 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by Neezar (Post 195604)


Bonnie 10-20-2012 11:06 PM

"Word is Barack Obama is disappointed"? Who put that out there, his WH press secretary, Jay Carney? :laugh:

Bonnie 10-20-2012 11:09 PM

"President Obama was said to be "dissapointed". "Disappointed", I find that highly suspect. Who put that out there, his WH press secretary, Jay Carney? :laugh:

Neezar 10-21-2012 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by BradW (Post 195630)


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