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Tyburn 10-15-2012 10:48 AM

St Pauls Marks a Year on from Occupy
Probably the biggest casualty of the Occupy movement was Saint Pauls Cathedral, who ended up surrounded by tented anarchists this time last year who had wanted to camp in nearby paternoster square to hinder the stock exchange but had been barred by the police.

They set up Camp around Saint Paul's Cathedral with absolutely no aims or agenda, and were welcomed by a member of Chapter, the Canon Precentor who embraced their cause...but as the weeks went by it became evident that health and safety issues were being raised by the camp and that tourists were abandoning visiting St Paul's which was leading to financial difficulties.

When The Dean asked the camp to disperse they refused, eventually causing the Canon Precentor to resign. The Cathedral then took the dramatic step of shutting its doors completely which even Adolf Hitler during the World War Two great Blitz of London had failed to do...and yet the Anarchists refused to move, and so Saint Paul's dithered over legal proceedings and then decided to re-open because being shut was not helping with their finances.

Upon opening the Dean of St Paul's resigned, and the Council of London took steps to forceably remove the camp once and for total a good five months had passed.

Now, on the yearly anniversary, the new Dean of Saint Pauls talks about Occupy in his half hour surmon

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