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Tyburn 08-29-2012 08:00 PM

Israel Plans Attack on Iran
:unsure-1: If you care for might be a good time to start praying...

Its now almost a certainty that Israel will initiate a military attack on Iran by air, their targets will be nuclear facilties that are burried underground close to residential cities in order to better protect them from Israel until such time as Iran declaires itself a Nuclear country.

Benyamin Netenyahu not only plans to attack...but to attack BEFORE the United States of America calls a general ellection. He is doing this in order to be certain of American support. He figures that Barack Obama is so desperate to win a second term in office, that he will refuse to condemn Israels attack fearing that if he is harsh to her, the American Jews will abandon him.

If Israel attacks, there will be a military response from Iran...and if America condone the Israeli attacks, Iran will by association be on a war footing with America and the entire western world.

It is uncertain in an age where Iran verges on obtaining nuclear weapons, under an islamist regieme, whether she would dare use those weapons of mass distruction. Its also uncertain whether the United States has the capacity now to launch a full scale war against Iran, and if she does, how many of her allied force, under greater financial pressure which has seen downgrades in the military, may want to support her. Not to mention the fact America may wake up with an entirely different President who is largely unknown, except domestically.

So Far, the threat of Syria saying that it will use biological and chemical weapons against any western power that interferes with its civil war, the end product of the Arab Spring, has kept America, England, and other powers away from this evil regieme, who, is akin to Iran. The two powers together...Syria and Iran are, effectively the old Assyrians and Babylonians, who in biblical times, GOD would use to punish Israel if she became a rebellious house.

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