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VCURamFan 08-07-2012 08:12 PM

Joe Lauzon still short of the bonus record


Upon further review, @JoeLauzon still one fight night bonus behind @SpiderAnderson

Some sleuthing by MMA Junkie revealed an extra two fight night bonuses for Joe Lauzon that were previously unknown, giving him 11 for his career, and what appeared to be the top spot among UFC fighters for most total fight night bonuses. These extra two bonuses came at UFC 63 and the TUF 5 Finale, during an era when bonuses were awarded, but the recipients weren't always made public. Thanks to the UFC, we have gotten access to the bonus data from this period and now have a complete record of official fight night bonuses awarded. And while Lauzon picked up an extra two bonuses, Anderson Silva notched three previously-unreported bonuses, giving him 12 and the top spot all-time. The top five fighters with the most post-fight bonuses are:

1. Anderson Silva - 12
2. Joe Lauzon - 11
3. Nate Diaz - 10
3. Chris Lytle - 10
5. Clay Guida - 8

However, Lauzon does still hold one record. With 11 bonuses in 13 fights, he holds a bonus percentage of 84.6%. That is tops among all UFC fighters with at least five fights. The top five fighters in bonus percentage are:

1. Joe Lauzon - 84.6% (11 in 13 fights)
2. Edson Barboza - 80% (4 in 5 fights)
3. Anderson Silva - 80% (12 in 15 fights)
4. Donald Cerrone - 67% (4 in 6 fights)
5. Nate Diaz - 63% (10 in 16 fights)

In a note of trivia, only two fighters currently have bonus percentages greater than 100%: Chan Sung Jung with four bonuses in three fights and Justin Lawrence with two bonuses in one fight.

Irish Pride 08-08-2012 04:24 AM

I go by wikipedia records, or at least that's what I generally look at since it's so easy. I know it's not always reliable but....yeah I had no clue Anderson had that many.

The link for his name above listed more then wikipedia did and said his fight with Forrest Griffin was fight of the night. Uhm.....really? Fight of the night? A one round fight that was like three minutes and totally one sided. ...Really? Fight of the night?

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