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Tyburn 07-16-2012 11:15 AM

Saint Paul's Cathedral Marks The Diamond Jubilee
Throughout the ages it has been customary for the Monarchs to celebrate a national event at Saint Paul's Cathedral. There are two main reasons for this, the first is that Westminster Abbey holds all the Royal Celebrations and Ceremonial, so when there is something of National importance outside a usual Royal thing, Saint Paul's being the Closest Cathedral not a Royal Pecculiar is an obvious choice

The Other reason is because the City of London was given its independance. Yes, in theory the City of London should be independant, and the person incharge was supposed to be The Lord Mayor of London. This was frightfully important back in the day because the Square Mile was the import/export industrial capitol, and so it was very important the Lord Mayor and the Monarch got theory the Lord Mayor being the only person in the country who could effectively lay sanctions on the Monarch

The Westminster Government now retain full control over the Capitol in the time of the Glorious Revolution by reducing the Role of Lord Mayor to a ceremonial position. The industrial Revolution then removed his need all together, and now the Greater London Assemby headed by the Mayor of London effectively run the square mile as a normal local government council.

The Lord Mayor still exists, he is ellected each year from a group of Alderman in the city. He carries still the Pearly Sword which was given to him as an emblem of the cities freedom, and the lil red sword is still used on the Standard of the City of London.

Infact the only Building to still hold the Monarch to account like of old is Saint Paul's Cathedral. She must still ask permission to enter through the Largest doors in Europe (yes, a whole foot taller then Saint Peters Basilica in Romes Vatican City)...and on her journey to the Cathedral IF the Lord mayor travels in procession with her, when they get to the big statue of the dragon which marks the boundaries between Westminster and London...she, who leads must stop, and he must overtake her in his Carriage :laugh:

I have opened those Great West Doors several times during my tenure....Closing them is harder then opening takes a team of at least three proper stone masons to lift the bolt...they are suprisingly easy to open once the bolt is up because they are so heavy they move under their own weight once you push...they open inwards.

Here is the full service for those who want to see it.

you can skip through the arrivals which take forever :laugh:

Tyburn 07-16-2012 11:40 AM

The major thing that gets me with this service, was the processional. For her Golden Jubilee, HM The Queen entered to the magnificent "I Was Glad" which had a Section which glorified her Presence with resounding Vivats.

The Introit for this ceremony was a Te Deum Which...first is a rather well used piece of liturgy..and secondly...far more, outspokenly Christian.

The former mentioned going up to the House of GOD...but this latter piece talks about the compnay of prophets praising. Its definately not what I thought she would choose to use.

Tyburn 07-16-2012 11:49 AM

The bidding was longer the you would expect. The first Hymn was All People that on Earth do dwell...but this is one particular tune that the Abbey does has the proper fanfare that they tried in Saint Paul's but it didnt work so well :laugh: I will admit that the Abbey version of this is the best I have ever heard. They have a trumpet that does a harmony part over the top and its one of the most beautiful harmonies I have ever heard, and then they swap on the penultimate verse and the Quire actually sing the harmony and the Trumpet plays the melody

Tyburn 07-16-2012 11:53 AM

Michael, who reads Proverbs is the only member of Clergy that I know, though he did not serve on Chapter at the time I knew him. He was a Suffrigen Bishop to London, and he was deeply involved in a set of Services we did at the 6pm Sunday slott...which was overseen almost entirely by the Virgers...hence why I had so much contact with him. After I left, the director of the Lay Community, Who was unaptly named "Canon Pastor" killed the community and shifted roles to Treasurer...Michael then took the role of Pastor. He's really lovely and is very well suited for that role.

Tyburn 07-16-2012 11:58 AM

:angry: They have replaced the Dome Dias Candles with Oil Lamps :angry:

Do NOT approve. During my tenure the only faux candles we had were the small altar ones...the major candles were real...and yes they took a lot of looking after. You had to order them in so they were ready to be swapped, you had to take them down and trim the wax from them.

Cheap skates have replaced them with false ones which take no looking after period...doesnt look half as good!!

Tyburn 07-16-2012 12:06 PM

Should have got London to do the address :sad: despite what he says, The Archbishop of Canterbury doesnt even believe in an Established Church. He doesnt believe in a Church led by the State...and thus is all for removing the Queen as Defender of the Faith. He is as bad as an ardent Parliamentarian...and most of it is because he isnt even a Church of England progressed Bishop...he came over from the Church of would he know about the Monarchs role as Head of the Church, foremost the head of the Church of more then an American Episcopal Bishop one supposes.

Tyburn 07-16-2012 12:22 PM

...and part two...again...ignore the everlasting departures at the end of the service :laugh:

prayers are standard...they always get about twenty different young people to ping pong from lecturns across the Dais...unless its a sorrowful act of remembrance in which case they have huge candles with the names of the victims, or countries on them, and have them lit and brought up to the Dome in a procession of young people (as was done with the memorials for the Tsunami)

Tyburn 07-16-2012 12:45 PM

What was London doing:blink: For a moment I thought he was given the final blessing...which first should be reserved for the High Altar, and second, for the most senior Clergy present.

They gave him a prayer to read...coz the ABC took BOTH Surmon and Blessing slotts :rolleyes:

Nice introduction to Guide Me O thou Great Redeemer

Thank GOD they did the coronational fanfare at the start of the National Anthem

Tyburn 07-16-2012 12:49 PM

...and what exactly became of York?? Did he fall of the face of the Planet or something...Its really bad IMHO for the second of the Church of England not to bother turning up to the Monarchs 60 year service of thanksgiving. standards have fallen in the past decade at that Cathedral :laugh:

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