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Tyburn 06-16-2012 04:29 PM

The Day the Crown Jewels were Stolen

The Monarchy has just been restored under Charles II, and a fragile peace between England and Louis of France has been maintained. Its decided that The Crown Jewels will go on public display in The Tower of London...

its May 9th 1671AD

its sunrise, and the sole protector of the crown jewels has arrived at the Tower to open the chamber to public display, meanwhile just down the road in the city, a priest is praying Matins...

These Jewels are only just made, the original Crown Jewels of the Wessex House were distroyed during the Republic. So these utensils are icons of the restoration as well as the Monarch...and the only person to use them, thus far, is the restored Monarch.

Tyburn 06-16-2012 04:34 PM

6.30 am...and King Charles is swimming in the River outside Westminster Palace...The Priest is having breakfast with a group of Friends, and the Jewel Protector is tending to the displays...he does get paid a wage...only what he collects on the door from visitors

Tyburn 06-16-2012 04:50 PM

The priests friends include an Anarchist who is counter cultural (against Cromwell whilst in power, now against the King) a former soldier of the New Model Army invented by Oliver himself, a Fundementalist Christian criminal branded dangerous by the courts, and the Irish Priest, a Protestant...and a Colonel in the forces....he was joined by his son, a professional theif...of the ilk who would more then likely find their way to Tyburn if caught

The Colonel had already met the Jewel Protector with his fake Wife...where he went to view the Crown Jewels... whilst in the tower, Colonels wife falls dramatically ill, and the Jewel Protector most momentarilly leave the pair alone with the Jewels to go and summon a doctor....

after mapping the chamber, the wife made a miraculous recovery...and they left...

Shortly after The Colonel returned with small gifts to express gratitude for the Jewel Protectors help over his Wife. He is introduced to the family, include the daughter. Colonel suggests that he has a fine young man in his family, with wealth and land, who would make for a great Husband

So the Colonel was invited into the Tower for supper to discuss possibilities for the arranged marriage.

Tyburn 06-16-2012 05:01 PM

7am...King Charles heads off to enjoy a mistress or two...and the Jewel Protector is dressing his daughter ready to meet her future Husband, as the Priest is due for a visit

Whilst the wait for the Daughter to be ready, the Jewel Protector shows the Colonel and half of his friends the Crown Jewels, whereupon he is held hostrage at gunpoint. A struggle ensues and the Jewel Protector is stabbed. The rest of the friends are outside keeping watch...

King Charles is playing Tennis

The Jewels are gathered by the criminals...

...and then the Jewel Protectors army man, supposed to be on the front in wars with the dutch, arrives home...

Tyburn 06-16-2012 05:08 PM

The criminals have damaged the Crown Jewels in order to hide guy has the orb stuffed down his pants...the colonel carries the crown under his robe...after first having flattened it with a mallot...and some other guy is trying to cut the sceptor in two halves...when the lookouts report the son is coming the criminals run...the sceptor is left behind...the rest is taken.

The Daughter arrives on the scene and raises the tower alarms.

Two of the men are quickly caught in the tower grounds...because in their haste....they have gotten themselves lost and cant find the exit...meanwhile outside the tower a firefight is going on between Jewels son and the Colonel

The Colonel is taken alive and all the criminals go to prison in the Tower of London.

Tyburn 06-16-2012 05:27 PM

Someone finally tells the King around 9am.

The colonel insists he wants to have a meeting with the King himself.

on the insistance of the Prime Minister, The King aggrees and on May 12th the Colonel is taken to his court. for a personal and private meeting

The Colonel warns Charles that if he is executed a great many powerful and influential friends will become actively hostile towards the Monarchy. Charles is fearful of any revolution so soon after the civil war and after what became of his Father...

The Colonel further tells Charles that he had planned to assasinate him whilst swimming but couldnt bring himself to do it, because of the Nobility of the King and his...erm...stature...

The King takes his time in deciding what to do with the gang...and for several months they stew in the Tower awaiting the results. Its evident that under normal circumstances they should have already been executed...

Seventy Days pass, before Charles delivers his verdict:

The King has been moved, and grants a full pardon to The Colonel. His Son was freed a month later and left for The New World.

But in trying to appease the people and avoid a possible uprising...the population are staggered that the Colonel has not been executed for treason.

Whilst the Jewel Protector survived, and was even promised a proper wage due to how dangerous his job has now become...he never got no wage, and was dead before the end of the decade.

The Crown Jewels were repaired, and following the Jewel Protector, put under armed Guard. They remain open to the Public today.

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