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Tyburn 06-06-2012 07:20 PM

Victory gained against British Gas
Rather then blah...why not you read the letter I sent to the company

Dear Sirs,

Please bear with me whilst I outline my ordeal. I do not know who else to communicate with as I am fast exhausting all in-business contact departments and numbers for British Gas. I know that one is supposed to wait for eight weeks before complaining, however, as British Gas admit there is no time scale they can give me for when this dispute might be settled, and we are approaching the three month point, I feel unable to leave things to take their natural elongated course.

First I offer some background. I moved into rented accommodation of Granville Road, in early 2006. As British Gas was the supplier for the last tenant, by phone I established an account, which was in the name of D Duff, and the Customer Reference number was *716 and applied to the Meter Reference of *301. After paying 41.71 on the 9th March, the direct debit would withdraw 20 on or around the 25th of each month. Paper statements were few and far between including one in June and one in September of 2006.

The name on the statement at this point changed. How, why and who changed it remains a mystery. The account name became John Duff. John Duff is my father but he doesn’t have an account with British Gas, only a boiler cover of some description. We can only theorise that somehow the details of his name were transferred by the computer onto my account by accident. A full year later on 27th September 2007 I contacted British Gas to reduce my monthly amount to 17. No one had contacted me regarding the name change and I had not received any paper statements in 12 months. I spoke to them about it but they didn’t appear overly concerned. On December 4th 2007 British Gas changed my meter reference to *241, and my customer reference to *6655.

On March 6th 2008 British Gas delivered their next statement still in the name of John Duff. Prices of the monthly direct debit were on the increase by sixty-seven pence. Curiously the statement had TWO meters on the account; *241 and a second meter 83589. This second meter read zero at the time so I wasn’t too concerned. We now know that this meter belongs to Flat One, but because that flat was either vacant, or only in use in the summer months, despite paying for two meters, one of which wasn’t mine, British Gas did not detect this.

Using my record of statements I shall now list the following units of gas for which I absentmindedly paid, which were not mine.

1st July 2008 36 units from 83589
6th October 2008 13 units from 83589
7th January 2009 4 units from 83589
7th April 2009 8 units from 83589
30th June 2009 5 units from 83589
8th October 2009 2 units from 83589
7th January 2010 4 units from 83589
10th March 2010 9 units from 83589
8th July 2010 6 units from 83589
22nd July 2010 5 units from 83589
8th October 2010 1 unit from 83589
29th December 2010 5 units from 83589
19th May 2011 19 units from 83589
30th June 2011 2 units from 83589
8th October 2011 2 units from 83589

That equates to 121 units of gas in about three years paid for by me, but not used by me. Direct Debit requirements also increased over this time, from 17.67 to 27 on 3rd March 2010, and from 27 to 32 on 25th October 2010, and from 32 to 35 on 25th October 2011.

At some point during 2011 my mother phoned British Gas to have my father’s name removed from my account but was told that this could only be done when both my father and I were present on the phone call.

In January 2012 in a phone call sometime between the 11th and the 20th my parents and I had a conference call with British Gas; this was in order for my father’s name to be removed and mine to be put back on my account. Somehow the name change back in 2006 was an automatic mistake, rectifying that mistake couldn’t be done by either one of us alone. We both had to be present, which is rather ironic since neither of us were present when it changed that first time!

Although we specified it as a name change, for some reason the account closed all together and an entirely new account in my name David S Duff was created. Letters of welcome and notification of name change arrived and I was given the new reference number of *5402. As expected, British Gas returned 194.43 via a reverse direct debit on 6th February; this is confirmed in my Journal and my bank statements.

I have no record of who I spoke to on 3rd February 2012 to inform British Gas that my tenancy at Granville Road was coming to a close within the next month. I was simply told to take the last reading of the meter the day I left and to phone it in. So when I phoned in the final meter reading, from my single meter of *241 on Monday 20th February 2012 I assumed my business with British Gas was at a close.

This concludes the background prior to the problems I’ve had with British Gas.

The move to get on the property ladder and buy a house was a huge excitement for me. In this financial climate I was aware money would be tight, but was looking forward to the rewards that owning your own home can bring, and looking forward to celebrating my thirtieth birthday in my new home.

You can not imagine then, my utter devastation and sheer panic when I was presented with my final gas statement at my new property of Markenfield Road, for full closure of the Granville Road account. I found a bill outstanding of 602.87 which was almost completely made of 293 units from 83589, thanks to a new permanent tenant moving into Flat One (not my flat!) around Christmas. Compounded with the shock of being asked to pay an amount I could not afford was the fact that I had yet to settle into my new house with a landline. I couldn’t even phone British Gas without paying an extortionate bus fare, and ringing from the house of my relatives. This statement was dated 24th February, but didn’t reach me until 29th February according to my journal.

On 1st March I used my lunch break from full-time employment to phone British Gas and got through to Ms Carol Scott at the Leeds Centre, who I believe became the first case handler. I pointed out that there were two meters on the account, and that 83589 was NOT my meter. She expressed her concern that no one at British Gas had even noticed that there were two meters on the account. Evidently that was a mistake, and a task was raised to remove the 83589 meter. I had already asked to speak to a manager or a supervisor, but she assured me there was no need, neither was there any need to have a direct call number for her. She promised that someone would call within 48 hours on my mobile and explain to me what was going on.

But 48 hours later on 3rd March there had been no phone call. So I had to make my journey across the town by bus to get to my nearest landline, a toll of 2.80 return. I was very upset that British Gas had promised to phone back and had not bothered to do so. I was also frustrated that each time I phoned I had to start from scratch in explaining the problems; despite the fact no doubt I have an account file somewhere. I spoke to someone called Singh but wasn’t able to ascertain which centre he was based at. He confirmed that someone was due to call me, but it would now be the following Tuesday, 6 March. He assured me that the bill had been wiped, and that the meter was to be removed. Yet the very day I spoke to Carol Scott (1 March), according to the date on a subsequent statement, the computer had already re-issued another, identical bill for the 602.87. I expressed my concern that if I couldn’t trust British Gas to phone me back, how could I trust that they had really cancelled the bill. So I asked if it was alright to cancel my direct debit just to be on the safe side. British Gas had no problem with that as we were in a state of dispute, until the meter was removed and the final bill could be created.

I was disturbed however, that the confirmation of direct debit cancellation, which was physically cancelled by myself at National Westminster, and a receipt given, on 5th March, was accordingly 1st March on the confirmation sent from British Gas . How is it possible that British Gas sent a confirmation of direct debit cancellation two days before I suggested it to them, and five days before I actually cancelled it! If the computer is not printing accurate dates on your letter heads we have a real problem. When you are shown to be at fault once, it’s hard to then trust any of the dates on your letters.

Thankfully I keep a near perfect daily journal and have all my records going back the best part of fifteen years, be it bank statements, or utility bills.

I was also angered by the fact that on these statements the computer has told me I phoned in readings for meter 83589. I never phoned, nor even was permitted access to the meter of flat one. I am ever so troubled by the list of lies and broken promises stemming from such a large company. This cannot be good customer service.

The next broken promise was that no call from British Gas was received on Tuesday 6th March. Instead a letter arrived that day, the reprint of the 602.87 statement, sigh! Therefore it was another 2.80 bus fare to phone British Gas and say “but you told me the bill was wiped!” I got through to Tara Moore in Southampton. She told me that she couldn’t really help as there was no manager present, and the Leeds Centre was dealing with it. Why on earth can’t Southampton transfer me by phone to Leeds? When you phone the number for British Gas and endure the discombobulated female computerized voice which asks you to enter your customer reference number, You Can Not Specify which centre you wish to communicate with. Incidentally you always find the first thing anyone asks you for is the account number you’ve just literally entered into the phone keypad. It’s a frustrating, time wasting, and expensive process, for the innocent customer.

Tara told me to wait for a call. She told me if the direct debit was cut, the money could not be taken, and thus eventually the special team working on the meter removals would have to phone me in order to reveal to me the true amount outstanding and method of payment.

On the 17th March 2012 the next statement arrived from British Gas, and the number has dropped slightly to 528.46: something that emanated from the computer on 12th March if dates on the firm’s letterheads are to be trusted.

Matthew Jackson from the Leeds Centre makes sure I have cut the direct debit when I phone British Gas on 26th March. Little did either of us realize that cutting the direct debit has not stopped the computer at British Gas from obtaining funds. The computer at British Gas is colluding with the computer at National Westminster, completely devoid of any human observation or control; it is decided to resurrect the Direct Debit. No one at British Gas authorized this. No one at National Westminster accepted this and I was completely oblivious until British Gas sent me a letter thanking me for paying my bill by a direct debit that had not existed in nearly a month, on 30th March 2012.

British Gas has no control over its computer, and has no ability to stop it automatically harassing and bullying customers who are totally innocent. British Gas have no ability to monitor the process, they have no idea what the computer has sent to me until I phone up and inform them, at which point they act all confused, but fail to apologise. When I got notification that the money had been stolen, and I don’t use that word lightly, stolen, from my account I was phoning friends all night in tears. British Gas doesn’t bother to staff 24 hour call centres. I have a mortgage to pay and ended the first month of what should have been the happiest time in my new home in the red; financially overdrawn.

I went into the bank, and they claimed that British Gas had gone back to the “original mandate” to make the direct debit request. Of course that request was invalid, and British Gas claimed that National Westminster shouldn’t have acquiesced. The problem is no one will take responsibility, and no one will apologise. Taking time out from my employment to sort out the failings of two multinational firms who don’t care about the amount of pain, suffering and disruption they are causing to people’s lives is shameful enough.

So perhaps you’d like to know that we are only half way through the story. Perhaps you also might like to know I am on permanent medication for an anxiety disorder

Three days later British Gas refunded the amount stolen via an indemnity claim from the bank, sanctioned by both parties and myself. Emma Gargett from Leeds Centre was case handler at this point as it was required to speak to both British Gas and National Westminster at the same time on 30th March 2012.

But it was Julie Mellows of Leeds who I asked on 3rd April, by phone, to send me a copy of the complaints procedure. This was once the money had been returned, and once British Gas had claimed they erased my bank details so that even the automated computer couldn’t find the information to resurrect yet another illicit direct debit without anyone’s consent. But providing written proof of this or contacting the “specialist” meter team couldn’t occur “until the ball is rolling”, which I found fascinating since the ball had been rolling at this point for nearly two months.

Finally I was put through to the meter team to be met with a dial tone. So I phoned British Gas again from Markenfield Road on my newly installed landline, only to get through to a centre in Wales. Martin of Cardiff listened to my woes and apologised, but said there was nothing he could do as he was in Cardiff. (sigh)

The Complaints procedure never arrived.

Whilst British Gas was still trying to remove a meter from a flat I’d left nearly two months previously, the computer at British Gas was still very much out to get me. The bombardment by post continued, except this time there was the threat of being taken to court, the threat of being turned over to a debt collection agency. Must I really specify once again how I was reduced to a mass of worry amidst fits of hysteria?

On 16th April 2012 I phoned British Gas once again, and spent a full quarter of an hour on hold whilst some guy looked through my case. Finally, I was given the number for the elusive meter department. This was not as helpful as I had hoped because the meter department claimed there was only one meter for Granville and gave the correct meter for Flat Two but could not tell me what money or reading was on the meter. They claimed that was beyond their power which, frankly, is a ridiculous assertion, but they passed me on to the billing department.

They began with “I believe you wish to talk about making a payment Mr Duff”! Once I explained everything to Paul Chapman he was able to provide me with some explanation. Apparently the meter was not even registered with the property. This morphed under investigation into the news that Granville Road was a “group meter” described to me as “A Legacy.” Accordingly it was admitted “we don’t handle them well” because they are “So Rare.”! ! There wasn’t even an expected timescale for how long destroying one of these meters would take. This might be because the group meter doesn’t appear to be a physical entity, but a construct where many individual meters become “enslaved” to one in terms of payment. It sounds like a computer construct, akin to the sort which sends out automated letters which can’t be stopped, and steals money which can’t be stopped either.

Needless to say I was promised that when more information was available someone would call. Needless to say, to this day that hasn’t occurred.

My father gave me a letter on 29th April 2012. It was a threatening letter forwarded on to him from Granville Road, regarding an outstanding payment on an account under the name John Duff. If you recall this was an account we supposedly had closed, or had changed names at the very least a good month before the move from Granville Road. It was spewing forth entirely different figures of money, and threatening court action. My father informed me that he has been in touch with British Gas and they have agreed to close the account and wipe the bill. The statement was dated 17th April 2012. He awaits this confirmation with anticipation. 

This concludes, to this present date, the problems I am having with British Gas.
This has got to stop, and has got to be sorted, promptly.

What I desire to occur is for the group meter connecting Granville Road to be destroyed, and for meters *241 and 83589 to be separated and remain separated, and I need this to be confirmed in writing.

I desire the amounts relating to meters *241 and 83589 under the account name of Mr David S Duff Customer Reference Number *5402 relating to Granville Road to be voided permanently, for this to be confirmed in writing, and for this to be proved by the cessation of statement and bill requests, and the cessation of threatening letters to Markenfield Road

I desire the amounts relating to meters *241 and 83589 under the account name of Mr John Duff Customer Reference Number *6655 relating to Granville Road to be voided permanently, for this to be confirmed in writing, and for this to be proved by the cessation of statement and bill requests, and the cessation of threatening letters to Granville Road
I desire the refund in full for those 121 units of gas I paid for but did not use as mentioned before.
I desire the refund in full for the cost of transport during the period of time when I had to go across town every time I needed to reach a landline, right after my move.
Finally I desire a letter of apology and a suitable goodwill offer of financial compensation for the emotional distress, and additional stress of this process; for the broken promises of unreturned calls, and for the theft of my money after the agreed direct debit cut regardless of its return a week later. I have had to cope with this as a sufferer of an anxiety disorder, across my thirtieth birthday and across moving house. I have been dragged financially overdrawn by this affair, have had to put off starting savings plans, and have been threatened with court action and debt collection agencies by an automatic computer that no one seems capable of switching off.

This has gone on for three months, and it’s taken that long to find out the problem, with no sight of the conclusion. If the response to this complaint is not considered seriously within a month, I am prepared to take this with the documentation of support to the Ombudsman, my local Minister of Parliament and the Energy Secretary of the British Government. If British Gas still persists in treating me this way following that I shall have no option but to go to the online watchdogs and the Press. I do not want to take this any further than this letter, but I will not live with this cycle of disruption. I wish to move on from Granville Road and live happily in Markenfield Road, without being harassed, and with financial compensation for the three months, thus far, this wretched issue has consistently persecuted me.


Mr David S Duff

less then a week after this was sent the Managing Director got in contact with me and forwarded me to customer relations. After a week or so of enquiries they bowed to every single request I made. Their compensation was a bit measly though...about fifty odd pounds...but better then a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

I cashed the cheque last week and waited to check today now the Jubilee is over and the money has gone through...about 136 in total (around $200) which includes the money that I paid for the gas I didnt use, and a very small gesture of goodwill :laugh:)

kevint13 06-06-2012 09:03 PM

I'm glad you won and am glad that you can move on. I hate dealing with stuff like this, especially when they just give you the runaround.

VCURamFan 06-06-2012 09:11 PM

I'll be honest, Dave: I tried. I made it all the way to your move to Granville, went cross-eyed, gave up, scrolled past the remaining 75% of the post & then just read the good news in bold. Congrats!!! :happydancing:

flo 06-06-2012 11:07 PM

Nice outcome, Dave, it's good that you were persistent and kept all your records!

I'm glad the nightmare with the gas company bureaucracy is over for you.

flo 06-06-2012 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by VCURamFan (Post 191812)
I'll be honest, Dave: I tried. I made it all the way to your move to Granville, went cross-eyed, gave up, scrolled past the remaining 75% of the post & then just read the good news in bold. Congrats!!! :happydancing:



kevint13 06-06-2012 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by flo (Post 191831)


You didn't read the whole thing....jeesh! What kind of friends are you?

J/K....I made it about as far :laugh:

flo 06-07-2012 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by kevint13 (Post 191832)
You didn't read the whole thing....jeesh! What kind of friends are you?

J/K....I made it about as far :laugh:

tee hee

A good friend as long as I don't have to loan money or read over 2 brief paragraphs. :laugh:

kevint13 06-07-2012 01:47 AM


Originally Posted by flo (Post 191834)
tee hee

A good friend as long as I don't have to loan money or read over 2 brief paragraphs. :laugh:

I wonder if British Gas did the same :laugh:

flo 06-07-2012 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by kevint13 (Post 191836)
I wonder if British Gas did the same :laugh:


VCURamFan 06-07-2012 03:00 PM


Originally Posted by kevint13 (Post 191836)
I wonder if British Gas did the same :laugh:

They knew there was no way they would ever be able to out give-the-run-around Dave! :laugh:

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