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Tyburn 05-20-2012 07:02 PM

Military Tattoo Celebrates Queens Diamond Jubilee

A service was held near Windsor Castle, and then the marching began :laugh: It was evident that what the Queen enjoyed the most was the fly over of the airships :)

Bonnie 05-30-2012 11:52 PM

That was really neat, their formation to form "60". :cool:

They had a special on last night, "The Queen's Jubilee". They showed film clips of her as a girl and young woman, and at her coronation. She was only 26 when her father, King George VI, died. Sixty much history.

Looking back, I think Wallis Simpson did y'all a favor, Dave. :laugh:

Tyburn 05-31-2012 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Bonnie (Post 191534)
That was really neat, their formation to form "60". :cool:

They had a special on last night, "The Queen's Jubilee". They showed film clips of her as a girl and young woman, and at her coronation. She was only 26 when her father, King George VI, died. Sixty much history.

Looking back, I think Wallis Simpson did y'all a favor, Dave. :laugh:


Well...Wallis Simpson probably caused the biggest change of direction in the Lineage since The Glorious Revolution (where it was decided on the death of the Monarch then Heir had to be the closest living Anglican...which knocked about 50 odd Roman Catholics out of the running. THATS when our Direct Line became Germanic...the nearest living Protestant to the throne was in the extended Royal Family right out on the continent....What Wallis did was effectively knock just one Royal off the list...but that changes everything. Each time someone in the line of succession has children, the whole line changes and people suddenly vanish from contention.

Look at Prince Harry.

Currently he is Fourth in line as Brother of Prince William the indirect heir through Prince Charles, Son of HM The Queen.


William got married last year...and the very moment that Catherine falls pregnant, Harry will suddenly have lost all claims, along with that of anyone behind him, and any of his offspring, short of a disastor. One birth, and the line (even if Female) will be solidly down a generation from him, and each of the following Generations would have to be obliterated for the crown to backtrack up the generations.

Elizabeth was never supposed to be Queen, She was offspring, in the case of the Brother of a new, and young King. He should have reigned for thirty years minimum during which time when he had children, Everyone from Elizabeths Father downwards could breathe a sigh of relief.

But when he abdicated...His Brother was forced onto the Throne because he had no legitamate children....and Bertie, though a lovely humanbeing, wasnt made to be King. The stress of being forced to be King, AND within the first decade of his reign being at war with Adolf can see it in footage of him. He ages horribly, older and older. He didnt even Reign twenty years, and looking at him from 1938 to 1950 he looks like he's aged about forty years! NO JOKE.

You could tell he was going to die before the Royal Tour because when he went to the airport to wave goodbye to his daughter, he looked WORSE then Prince Philip does NOW (Philip is in his MID NINETIES!!!!!) Poor Elizabeth wasnt even IN England when he Father died and all of a sudden, someone who should never have had a realistic hope of EVER getting the Throne, would become the oldest Monarch in History...AND if she is still alive in 2015, she will also be the longest Reigning Monarch.

Now...Wallis Simpson isnt completely to blame...There was an Active Coup going on in the Church of England. They werent simply making the King abide by an archaic law...they were quite deliberately trying to force him off the throne. The Archbishop of Canterbury took an immediate dislike to Edward....Edward was what we call Low Church....and Canterbury was High Church...Canterbury took tradition and ritual REALLY seriously....Edward really couldnt give a toss...and that didnt really bode well.

You can hear the tale below :)

Its even called "Abdication: A Very British Coup" try to understand when you watch this film that this is work place politics, the type of lengths one has to go to win a political battle, and the sort of deviousness ive seen the church do personally, within my own experience. There are three or four parts if your really interested...but the first part will basically show you that the British Government in colusion with The Church of England, disliked the King and used Wallis Simpson as the perfect excuse to oust him. This first part just sets the scene....

British Big Businesses always act like this :laugh:

Tyburn 05-31-2012 07:12 PM

This is also why Prince Charles is such a worry to the Royalists.

In an era when you could still get smushed for treason against the Royal Throne, you can see what Government and Church dared to do. what do you suppose in an age now even further removed from Royalty, they will dare to do if Charles, as King, were to over step his boundary?

Can you say abolision :unsure-1:

Tyburn 05-31-2012 07:28 PM

Part two shows the divide. Edward had lived through the Great War with a Father who was Staunchly Traditional. Edward was a rebel, who didnt like to do Traditional things. He didnt like the duties.

He began to outwardly show his dislike of these sorts of duties, meets and greets. He couldnt be arsed, rather he liked Wallis because she was anti-establishment, a free.

Lang...Canterbury at the time really, really hated this. Several Tabloids turned against him. The current Prime Minister wasnt happy either.

Wallis Simpson was the obvious thing they could use. The Secret Services actually began to investigate and spy on them :laugh:

BUT Edward was goodlooking and a celebrity with the public....that was his veil of protection. The population loved him....that probably enraged the Instituions of Church and Government even more.

Soooo Wallis and Edward go on holiday, and on the continent they are rather too open about the fact they are together, it begins to be reported in the upper class that there is an issue. Edward keeps skipping royal duties to hang out with Simpson instead. But dont worry...because Bertie goes and opens the hospital in the Kings place.

Then comes the infamous visit of Wallis to Balmoral (the scot castle holiday home) and the King refuses to invite Canterbury...sooo Bertie invites Canterbury for him. Doesnt go to well.

Tyburn 05-31-2012 07:39 PM

Then Wallis Simpson gets her devorce

Suddenly if the Church and State does not do something...she will marry the King and be Mother of the Heirs.

They could not let that happen.

Edward becomes a bit paranoid and he evicts his Private Secretary...its obvious that Edward is going to try and do exactly what everyone if fearful of. Lang goes to the Palace (in a secret meeting with traditionalists and tabloids of that standing) and says he isnt sure he can consecrate Edward at a Coronation.

Whilst The English press was still silent, the Europeans had began printing the Holiday shots of the prair, and the American Press discovered that Wallis was single again and were talking about the prospect of her become the Kings Consort. The Queen of England!

The Coup began on Remembrance Day of that year. The Sacked Private Secretary wrote a warning to the King telling him that the Government would consider dissolving themselves if he married Wallis

Tyburn 05-31-2012 08:12 PM

But Alec...the Private Secretary, had obviously written on behalf (albeit informally) of ALL the Traditionalists, include the head of the Civil Service, The Archbishop of Canterbury, One very powerful Tabloid, and The Prime Minister.

The King was concerned...Because he knew someone had put Alec up to it, but wasnt sure who. Stanley, the Prime Ministerwas called aside, and told the King that whilst he recognised the public was on his side, The Prime Minister did not approve of his choice to marry.

The King claimed it was his right to marry Wallis Simpson if he wanted. He threatened Abdication as he was pissed off that the Government WOULD allow him to be with Simpson if she was an illigitamate. But he wanted to tell the truth and have her at the coronation.

He visited a destitute part of Wales, and they LOVED him. He dedicated himself to their service, by basically telling them that the Government had let them down. The Government were not doing enough for them. Thats how the Government perceived it, when The King began to give personal assurances to the destitute that he would help them.

Now, not only did this King misbehave, want to Marry a devorcee...he wanted to go into politics :huh:

The Tabloid known as "The Times" which still runs to this day actually began to publish a reminder that the King should not get involved with politics.

His only friend at the time was Winston Churchill. He suggested Marriage without the Royal Title for Simpson as a solution. The Conservatives in office had kittens. The Prime Minister made Winston Churchill pledge not to form any political party for the King.

But to the King, Stanley said he would consult the Commonwealth.

Oh dear.

That made the Commonwealths rulling everso slightly official.

The Empire said NO

Tyburn 05-31-2012 08:14 PM

BTW...The Prime Minister lied.

The Empire wasnt really sure.

Tyburn 05-31-2012 08:21 PM

Then Disastor Struck.

The Bishop of Bradford went public. :laugh: He gave a surmon that said explicitly that the King should not be crowned because of his actions.

The British Press which (apart from the Times, which was only obtainable by the upperclass) began to do what they do best. "the Bishop of Bradford Says...." and out it all came into the public arena of the Kingdom.

It didnt quite have the desired effect.

Once the Public heard about Wallis Simpson, the holidays, and everything. They discovered the still loved and supported the King. The press had failed to remove the star appeal that the King had the public support.

The People wrote letters of sympathy to the King begging him to stay and marry Wallis Simpson

Tyburn 05-31-2012 08:41 PM

Wallis Simpson couldnt cope with the press though. Even these days Americans do not realize the power of the British Press. She moved to the Continent to gain some distance. Poor Edward was depressed.

Royalists begin to march in the streets, and the British Government soon realizes that, along with the Media, its attempts to oust the King are in danger of causing a Second English Civil War.

Westminster took its anger out completely on Winston Churchill, it was all HIS fault for sticking up for the King, and suggesting a marriage without title. He was treated like a leper and became deflated. Without his only support in Government the King couldnt continue.

Despite acting as the trigger for Bradfords outburst. Canterbury who desperately wanted to avoid the possibility of having to crown Edward as King (he was already king by default) one of the most nasty things the church has ever done, happened the day after the King finally gave up hope and abdicated, Archbishop Cosmo Gordon Lang told the world how bad it was that the King had abdicated as it was the ultimate insult against the GOD who had devinely selected him to rule!!

The House of Parliament rejoyced that the new King, George would be a traditionalist that would allow them to do their job and could be trusted as the ideal figure head, and no more.

Winston Churchill made a big comeback a year or so later when the Government cracked under the pressure of war. He would be ousted by the public moment after Victory in Europe, and return for a pretty disastorous term in the fifties that saw him resign completely.

His ills and losses were all forgotten or forgiven due to his wartime strength, and the love was evident when he died and was given a state funeral at Saint Paul's Cathedral in London.

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