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Tyburn 05-14-2012 05:21 PM

Thoughts on Jewish Mysticism
if you thought Christian Mysticism was a bit should try looking into Jewish Mysticism

There is a document I came across recently called The book of Formation, I havent read all of it coz, I'm not sure I quite understand it, but it talks about the Jewish Language and the mystical properties for example when Christians call GOD Jehovah, this script tries to explain why he chose such a name based on the letters that name is spelt in within the old text.

as I understand it this would be akin to a Mystical type of biblical concordance, attempting to further expound the relation between the natural, take for example ellements, and how they interact, but how that interaction is specifically guided spiritually.

I believe there is a second book called The Book of Splendor, again from the Jewish Mystics, but I've no idea what thats all about except that its supposed to follow on I think.

Has anyone any knowledge about the Jewish Mystic theology and whther or not its sound :huh:

Bella79 05-14-2012 05:25 PM

No sorry Tyburn. I am 1/2 German my Jewish or lack of Jewish info is evident. :wink:

Tyburn 05-14-2012 05:25 PM

For example, Biblically GOD is said to have created the universe using sound, he spoke things into existance

He hath formed, weighed, and composed with these twenty-two letters every created thing, and the form of everything which shall hereafter be.

3. These twenty-two sounds or letters are formed by the voice, impressed on the air, and audibly modified in five places; in the throat, in the mouth, by the tongue, through the teeth, and by the lips. (31)

4. These twenty-two letters, which are the foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with two hundred and thirty-one gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for good or for