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Tyburn 03-22-2009 12:36 PM

"Embrace the Christian GOD, or meet him for Judgement Imediately"
742 AD

:scared0015: This being the quote of King Charlemagne

He managed to pop Roman Catholicism back on the map after the collapse of Rome in Europe, and his Gradnfather stopped the first wave of Islam that came from Africa up to France via Spain.

His passion was Education. The beginings of Church Monastic communities turning their attention to Education was thanks to him.

Rome Decided to Crown him Emporar of Rome (or what was left of it) This was the first time that Christondom had been Militarized. Remember, when the Holy Roman Empire was expanding, it was still Heathern. This is the first time Christian Conversion had been spread by a Military Machine, and it would be used by the Roman Church for Hundreds of years to come, whether that be against heathen in the Inquision, The second Islamic Raid in the south that distroyed Byzantium, and later in the Crusades, and the massicres of Meso America

What do people think about this method of spreading the word :ninja:

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