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Tyburn 04-08-2012 01:29 PM

Easter Dedication 2012

Every year I do a short (I mean three mins or less) video about an aspect of Easter...In 2008 I spoke about what Easter meant for me...but that got accidently deleted a while back :sad: In 2009 I tackled the subject of the lost with Adrian Snells magnificent work "Child of darkness" in 2010 I decided to tackle the subject of how one should respond to persecution when it happens, and last year I tackled the subject of Forgiveness, all those can be found on my youtube channel in the playlist called "Callendar Events"

This Year I tackled the subject of the Ressurection, using the little accepted fact that when Jesus rose from the dead, it was so powerful it caused the Jewish Saints who were credited with righteousness one presumes, who had been burried in Jerusalem to wake up also...they went a wandering in the city briefly apparently :laugh: The Resurrection of Christ was so spiritually powerful it seems it had physical effects in chronology outside Christ will remember when he died that so powerful was Christs Judgement that the sky turned black for hours, there was a powerful earthquake in Israel, and the Temple Curtain split revealing the ark of the covernant to everyone!

Well the Resurrection was no less powerful, its just that the magnificence of Jesus tends to, like the sun, be so bright, that you cant see the candles. Well on that day Christs resurrection must have sent ripples through time and space, and these were loud enough to break open the tombs of the dead Saints, and resurrect them also.

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