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rockdawg21 03-26-2012 01:14 AM

Prayer Request for the son of my sensei
I don't usually request these for my direct family or myself, but in this case, it's for a young child.

Please pray for the Howanic family (who runs/operates Patriot Martial Arts here in San Antonio, where I do most of my training). Their son Logan is in the hospital having problems with his kidneys. He is only 8 yrs old and him and his family are very important to me and my wife. So please pray that God keeps his loving protecting arms around them and that he guides the doctors and nurses that are caring for him.

Sorry to ask, I don't really like to solicit prayers, but thank you in advance for this.

rockdawg21 03-26-2012 01:47 AM

Just got some good news from Logan's mother:

"Woo-hoo!!! Just got a thumbs up from the doctor today! We have a long way to go, but we r off to a good start!! Logan lost 3 pounds of water so far today!! With the kidney problems we r guessing he had gained 18 pounds in water since 25th of january. We should be going home tomorrow evening and then back to the drs office thursday...thank you all so much for your support and love!!! :0)"

flo 03-26-2012 05:29 AM

I'm so glad to hear you got good news, RD. Will still keep Logan in my prayers...

Bonnie 03-26-2012 07:28 AM

I just saw this, Rock, I will be praying for Logan. I hope they get everything sorted out about what's going on with his kidney's.

bonedoc 03-26-2012 01:55 PM

Good news. Will keep praying.

Bella79 03-26-2012 03:16 PM

Logan will be in my prayers.. I hope he continues to progress. x

rockdawg21 03-28-2012 04:31 AM

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everybody for the prayers. Logan is doing much better now.

Tyburn 04-01-2012 06:50 PM

I shall pray also...there is nothing wrong in asking for people to pray for you and your friends...infact I think it should be encouraged :)

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