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rockdawg21 02-03-2012 06:40 PM

Donaire/Vasquez & Chavez Jr./Rubio
I guess I forgot to share that a friend and I got tickets to this just 2 minutes after they went on sale. Today is the weigh-in at 3pm CST and we're going. Hope to share some good photos later!

I'll be sure to share some photos from the fight too.

Donaire to get a new belt in his 4th weight class! :punch:

rockdawg21 02-03-2012 10:21 PM

Oh my God, I'm so stoked how easy it was to get these photos!

With Freddie Roach!!!!

With Robert Garcia!

JavierDLC 02-03-2012 11:10 PM

That's Freaking Awesome Bro!!! Good Pics!!

Donaire is a Beast!!

rockdawg21 02-03-2012 11:23 PM

Thanks man, I was on a high after getting the photo with Roach for sure, lol!

Rubio is a nice guy too. I've got photos with him, but he wasn't really posing for me, he was catering to his Mexican fans, lol. That's fine with me though, they're the ones who are really there for him anyways. I'm there for Donaire on the real. I'm so excited to see this tomorrow night!

Oh, also met Michael Koncz, he's a nice guy in person, but I still think he's bad news for Pac.

At the end, there was just another guy and I; everybody else was outside the Alamodome. Bob Arum walked our way and we asked him politely for a quick photo, he didn't even look at us. I was real close to saying "•••• you too Bob" but it's a Top Rank crowd and although they probably feel the same, I was in the wrong place to say that, lol

rearnakedchoke 02-05-2012 04:39 AM

i don't know what that one judge was smoking giving the fight to vazquez ... d

rockdawg21 02-05-2012 08:15 AM


Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke (Post 184761)
i don't know what that one judge was smoking giving the fight to vazquez ... d

I have no idea, Nonito made Vasquez look like an amateur. If it weren't for Nonito dropping his guard, the fight would have been worse the Pacquiao fighting Clottey.

On a fun note, I was able to get Freddie Roach to autograph my cap! I also got photos with Pineda Lindo (lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas) and Pacquiao's adviser, Michael Koncz. They are on a friend's camera, so I'll have to wait for tomorrow to get those posted. Pretty awesome night tonight!

J.B. 02-05-2012 06:16 PM

Thats awesome rock!

rockdawg21 02-06-2012 06:37 AM

More photos:

With Allan Pineda Lindo, a member of the Black Eyed Peas. It was kinda funny how I got him to come over to me. I knew he was the lead singer of them, but didn't know his name so I Googled it. When I moved over there closer to get his attention, everybody started asking me who he was so I told them. I also know that he is half-Filipino, so I yelled "Kuya Pineda" at him (it's like saying "uncle" "brother" "sir", etc.) and he smiled big and just came right over for a photo. As soon as he came over, everybody pulled out their camera phones and started snapping, lol. He was on the ground level and I was on the 1st row above the ground level, then as soon as he turned around to go back to his seat, there was a swarm of people coming to him. It wasn't that way until he came over to me so maybe people figured out who he was. It was funny because he seemed so excited that somebody recognized him, lol

Also caught Michael Koncz, Manny Pacquiao's adviser. He was pretty nice. I was next to him at the weigh-ins too, but the guy walking with Arum said "Let's go Mike" so I chose not to ask him for a photo. Last night, he was walking out to the ring and I said "Mr. Koncz" (he turned and looked) "Would you mind signing my cap, I already have Freddy's autograph on one side, it'd be cool to have yours on the other." He smiled and said "I don't sign autographs, only contracts, but I'll be happy to have a photo with you." I LOL'ed at his comment and thanked him for his time.

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