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VCURamFan 01-23-2012 04:31 AM

Gina Carano on Conan


Eventually when you stop looking at the banner picture, you will notice there are words underneath it that pertain to a video of Gina Carano comparing sex to mixed martial arts. I'm sure these words don't hold much value in your life since there's a video of Gina Carano mentioning the word 'sex' while rocking an amazing outfit. We at MiddleEasy completely understand, and if you're still reading this article, then we're perplexed. Did I mention there's a video of Gina Carano talking about sex just beneath this paragraph? Yeah, I did -- and you're still reading. Hopefully this Altered Beast intro will persuade you to just watch the Gina Carano video and stop reading. Alright, our relationship is getting kind of strange. I'm telling you to watch this Gina Carano video, yet you still insist on reading. Well guess what, this article is out words. Take that!

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