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VCURamFan 01-05-2012 03:59 AM

King Mo Entering a Triathlon
That is, a video game triathlon against the video interviewer for, LayzieTheSavage:

I just got off the phone with LayzieTheSavage and basically what I got from the conversation was this: he is organizing a videogame triathlon against King Mo and the loser gets a tattoo. If Mo loses he's getting a MiddleEasy tattoo. If Layzie falls to the videogame prowess of Muhammed Lawal, he's getting glow in the dark ink of Mo's choice. The stakes are very high and there is no word if Mo will have a gaggle of Asian women with umbrellas accompanying him for the competition.

Game 1 will be a head to head score battle in the original arcade version of Double Dragon. Game 2 is NHL 12 and game 3 is going to be a showdown at pop-a-shot.

While the negotiations for the videogame triathlon were underway with Mo at the open workouts for Strikeforce: Rockhold Vs. Jardine, Layzie got a phone call and took it outside. Layzie finished up and made his way back into the room as a member of MMA Junkie was turning down Luke Rockhold's offers of free kicks to the stomach. King Mo, being the nice guy that he is, said 'MiddleEasy will do it!'

Layzie is afraid of nothing, so this is the video of MiddleEasy doing it.

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