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Tyburn 08-26-2011 05:36 PM

The King (and Queen) of All Threads

Sooo...for anyone who is interested, I am going to begin posting some videos on various Monarchies around the world, and will give you a small write up of each one.

We begin with Marie Antoinette. She was born into a Noble Family who had links to the throne of Austria, and her Father was the Roman Emporar. She was given to France as a sort of diplomatic peace treaty, its how a lot of things in Europe worked. But King Loius didnt really like her very much.

Anyway, she fell pregnant and gave a Female, and then she fell pregnant again and gave an Heir. This was at the same time Loius was busy supporting the American War of Independance. Finally, she gave him a second Heir before things got nasty with the French Revolution.

During the revolution, a lack of Money (in part due to continuous wars with...well...everybody) and the rise of democratic governments in France saw the King deposed. Marie had plenty of options to escape, but she actively decided to stay in France.

They eventually decided to execute her aswell.

Crisco 08-26-2011 07:52 PM

Let them eat cake

Tyburn 08-26-2011 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by Crisco (Post 174799)
Let them eat cake

That was certainly not the view of The French...they would rather introduce them to Madame Guillotine :laugh:

Tyburn 08-30-2011 12:28 PM

There were not many Kings of the Italian Kingdom, I think only four. Queen Margherita was the Consort for Umberto I. She didnt live quite long enough to see the Kingdom fall apart, but long enough to side with the future King and help with the rise of Mussollini (who was appointed by a future King, and thus Her Offspring.)

Umberto I, her husband was assassinated....meanwhile Margherita got a pizza style named after her :laugh:

Tyburn 09-05-2011 08:52 PM

Queen Marie of Yugoslavia...well...technically only by Dowedger. She was a Princess of Romania who married into the family. She Married King Alexander I who was the first King of a United Yugoslavia. His Father has been Serbian, and he was a big mover and shaker of the Serbian Army during the wars in the Bulkans which occured just before the Great War. He was very dictatorial in how he wanted Macedonia to be run.

The Kingdom of Croatia was next to be added to his list. Bosnia wasnt really Bosnia at the time I dont think :laugh: Anyway, his Government was a nightmare from the word go...with political backstabbing, and a murder, Alexander became so infuriated that in 1929 he basically became a dictator.

on a visit to the French Republic he was assassinated on live television by a disgruntled Macedonian. Thankfully Marie had been busy and had already given him a multitude of male heirs.

The result of all of this was quite dire, and well within the confines of the 1900s Yugolsavia had been formed from violence and completely dissolved by violence. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia, were...were not...and then were again...and Marie saw the start of the were not...and thankfully died before seeing her Husbands work completely reversed

Tyburn 09-09-2011 05:54 PM

Here is the Wife of possibly the worst King in European History. His Reign was a complete and utter disastor. He took the throne and not long after the Great War Broke out. The war was unpopular, but the King wanted it, and had appointed a Prime Minister to force it through the Government, when the Government reacted badly, the Prime Minister resigned, but the King would not let him go, and vetoed everyone to get the job done for Italy in The First World War.

Following the first world war his popularity sunk lower as he invested in foreign thrones in the Balkans and Africa. He was absolutely silent during the rise of mussollini. Fearing the Nationals would overthrow him, He decided to appoint Mussolini as Prime Minister. Mussolini then entered world war two through negotiations with Adolf Hitler.

The people hated him for it, and he realized that he had to try and save the throne too late. He summoned Mussolini to the Palace and sacked him :laugh: Mussolini didnt really care and continued, forcing the King to flee from Rome and whilst Mussolini controlled the North, the King controlled the South and the Southern part of Italy signed for peace whilst the North continued to fight until the liberation of Berlin when it all fell apart.

The outcry was so great that the King decided to allow the people to vote on abolishment of the Monarchy, and in a last ditch attempt to save the crown he abdicated in favour of his was too little, too late...and His son was on the throne for about a month before being forced into Exhile....and the Three Kings of Italy Grandfather, Father and Son ended the countries flirtation with Monarchic rule.

His Wife was a Humanitarian, who did alot of practical and hands on work with health and she was most unhappy about the was probably her work that persuaded the King to eventually stand up to the Nazis...she paid a heavy price as her daughter was caught by the fascists and died in 1944...she followed the King to South Italy when he abandoned Rome...and followed him into exhile after his abdication.

Tyburn 09-12-2011 11:15 AM

In many countries that now have a democratic government, the family that represents the royal line still continues with very subdued political influence. One such example is The Empire of Japan...and this is, I think, the youngest member of the Royal Family there :ashamed:

adamt 09-12-2011 01:10 PM

i wish i had a castle

Tyburn 09-16-2011 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by adamt (Post 175916)
i wish i had a castle

:unsure-1: Very few Monarchies now have Castles...they might have Palaces but in a Fortress are few and far between.

Her Majesty has Two that I know of Balmoral Castle, which is her Residence in Scotland, and she likes to use it as a private summer holiday home. and Windsor Castle.

The majority of her Castles are either Ruins, or owned by Land Trusts which use them as tourist traps. There are a few Castles which are still in opporation but some are bascially used by the Governments...and some are believe it or not still in the hands of the Barons.

Ripley castle is an example of that.

I visited Ripley Castle...soooo you can watch this small video and see a working Castle owned by a private family (as in...not Royalty)

Tyburn 09-16-2011 07:56 PM

The French Republic may have seen a violent revolution...but even Madame Guilotine could not see off the Monarchy, and there was a ping pong for a good three centuries between periods of Republicanism, and periods of Monarchy.

The last King of France was Napoleon Bonaparte III who actually became the President.

Of course his line continues and right now Napoleon VIII lives in France. He isnt the only person claiming they should be the current King of France...because of successive periods of Republicanism...there are older monarchs who were removed, and then never re-instigated. I would vouche for swaping to the later established Monarchies each time...but some of the decendant of those older families would despute that.

one such is the Spanish Duke of Anjou He is of the original Monarchic line that was overthrown at the French Revolution. His line was reestablished at the Restoration. Then, in July of 1830 the Bourbon line was replaced by another monarchy...which was a different branch of the same family.

in my eyes this is a natural progresson from bourbon to orleans...and thus eventually to bonaparte. The French Royalists believe that the living member of the Bourbons should be King...and the reason is the Bourbon dynasty owned many monarchies in Europe at one time. including Spain...hence why they recongnise a spainard as their current King...I personally believe that is Fubar...and would advocate Napoleon Bonaparte VIII but they perfer Loius Bourbon XX :laugh: Loius now lives in America :laugh:

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