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VCURamFan 06-30-2011 04:10 PM

BJ Penn was to revitalize MMA


After UFC 112, I had this idea of getting a little kid to walk around Hollywood with a laptop and record reaction's to the BJ Penn vs. Frank Edgar bout. It would have been a mixture of Wonder Showzen and an attempt at legit journalism. The project was scrapped when I realized the chances of Chris Hansen knocking at my door would have increased dramatically. The last thing I need to be responsible for the future development of the youth today. Leave that to people like my seventh grade junior high school teacher who made it a staple to choke-out 'unruly' kids in class until they started crying. It was a different time back then. We didn't need testosterone replacement theory. By the end of junior high, we were all men -- even the women, and we had bruises around our necks to prove it. That's a radical way to guide today's youth, but still not as radical as BJ Penn's suggestions to make MMA more exciting in this video. [Source]

Maldonado136 06-30-2011 05:11 PM

We need belts. We need BETTER judges. It's stupid and messed up to say that someone like Junior doesn't deserve a win after beating the crap out of Shane. Fighter's can't just automatically pull a switch in their head and say ok now I'm going to finish this guy. This isn't a video game, these guys are humans and sometimes the finish will come and sometimes it won't. If you think it is just that easy then you have probably never trained a day in your life. Not to mention BJ didn't three of his last four fights so it goes both ways.

Stalling is a totally different story and it sucks. Stalling is when it is obvious that they are not trying their best and THOSE decisions are terrible. The real problem isn't just when a guy goes