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VCURamFan 06-01-2011 08:24 PM

A Stupid & Ridiculous Proposal to Spice Up TUF That Just Might Work
I thought this was a pretty funny read:


I'm a night owl by nature. Having a nine-month old baby which comes with a 6AM wake-up call - that includes the weekends - sleep is hard to come by (the astute reader already knows where I'm going with this). Everyday is clockwork; my alarm goes off at 5:58AM, look in on the sleeping baby, go to the bathroom, look in on the baby again and she's wide awake.

Unfortunately, she is not just a morning-person but a night owl as well. She's up until 10 almost every night, no matter what her mother and I do to try to get her to go to sleep at 8. I think we're overpaying for daycare, because if she's supposed to sleep 13 hours a day, and she only sleeps 8 hours a night, well, she's sleeping way too much when we're paying someone to look after her, ya dig?

So, clearly, sleep is at a premium in the Hansen household. Even when she goes to bed at 10, I need a couple hours to unwind and relax, otherwise literally every moment of my week is spent watching the baby, driving to the office, working, driving home, and tending to the baby. When else am I going to do anything other than keeping that fragile little ball of crawling energy safe and secure?

The wife and I trade off, giving each other breaks every night for sanity's sake. I take the baby downstairs so the wife can clean up the upstairs a little and watch America's Next Top Anorexic, and she takes the baby from time to time so I can, well, so I can fix the sink, mow the lawn, hang the new light fixtures, install the garbage disposal, and not catch up on sleep.

It's a wonderful life, and I wouldn't trade a moment of it with anyone for any reason. It's just also a sleepless life. With one exception.

Every Wednesday night when I get time to myself, I tell the wife I'm not fixing the sink, mowing the lawn, hanging new light fixtures, or installing jack doodoo (I'm a parent). I'm getting one catnap a week by God. And since I only get an hour, and since I normally need a couple hours to unwind, there's only one solution. And that solution is found on Channel 241-1 on