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rockdawg21 03-10-2009 11:06 PM

Dana is p****d at Yves Lavigne
Dana actually injured his arm banging on the Octogan to get Yves to stop the fight.


UFC Quick Quote: Dana White injures himself at UFC 96 because of referee Yves LaVigne
By: MMAmania


Originally Posted by Dana White
Im worried about Pete Sell. I sent him to the hospital to get an MRI. As youve heard me so many times especially in the last few weeks and wait until The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) comes out to talk to me about judging and officiating in this sport right now. It drives me crazy because its such a personal thing. These guys train so hard and those two kids [Aaron Riley and Shane Nelson] have been in camp for six to eight weeks, training, and then they fly out here to fight and it gets stopped like that. People make mistakes all the time, but that was a bad one. I was unhappy with the Pete Sell fight tonight, too. Yves LaVigne is actually usually a very good referee. Im serious Im not even kidding I hurt my arm tonight banging on the Octagon for him to stop that fight. Ive never done that in eight years. I dont even know what to say. It drives me crazy.

A fired up Dana White talks about referees a