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VCURamFan 03-23-2011 08:53 PM

Live Chat with Dana White
Going on now:

VCURamFan 03-23-2011 08:56 PM

Dana White:
As for Shane Carwin: Jon Olav Einemo. That's his next opponent. He's from Norway. He's 6 foot 6, and he's the Abu Dabi submission champion.

VCURamFan 03-23-2011 08:58 PM[Comment From Hannes Hannes: ]
Can you give us a little sneak peek for the new TUF season?

Dana White:
The thing starts off slow. I was really pissed off with the fights in the beginning and then it just goes through the roof. The fights are awesome

VCURamFan 03-23-2011 09:01 PM

I've copy/pasted the whole thing into Word (it's over already, apparently it only was from 12-1) & will get it formatted nicely & then post it here.

JavierDLC 03-23-2011 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by VCURamFan (Post 159136)
I've copy/pasted the whole thing into Word (it's over already, apparently it only was from 12-1) & will get it formatted nicely & then post it here.

Awesome Thanks!

VCURamFan 03-23-2011 09:40 PM

Don't thank me yet. Won't be able to post it until tonight after the gym.

VCURamFan 03-24-2011 08:19 PM

OK, so according to Microsoft Word, this beast is 8 pages long! :blink:

I'm gonna post it bit-by-bit, as well as highlighting the parts I found most interesting.

Page 1:


12:15 Dana White: Hey everybody. Thanks for joining everybody. I'm here. Fire away.

12:16 [Comment From Josh: ]
Are you disappointed with Tito pulling out of the event with yet another injury...stitches...some on
12:16 Dana White: Yes. Yes I am disappointed. I feel Tito still could have competed, but what are you going to do?

12:16 [Comment From Jeremy: ]
When is the pre fight press conference and weigh-in for UFN 24?
12:16 Dana White: We're doing open workouts on Thursday, noon to 2 p.m.
12:16 Dana White: Weigh-ins are Friday.
12:17 Dana White: Open workouts are actually open to media.
12:17 Dana White: If you've never been to a weigh-in, trust me, take some time to come down and check it out. It's a lot of fun.
12:17 Dana White: I think there's some going to be some great staredowns on this card. This card is sick anyway.
12:18 Dana White: For staredowns, I'm looking at Anthony Johnson vs. Dan Hardy.

12:18 [Comment From @aguilarruperto: ]
If Phil wins agains lil Nog where does it put him in the title picture?
12:18 Dana White: I think Davis is a real tough guy, and he's going to gain a lot of respect and credibility if he beats Little Nog.

12:19 [Comment From Josh: ]
Spike TV says the Ultimate Fight Night live will air live at 10pm on the east coast, but be tape delayed to 10pm on the west coast. Do you have any control over making future Fight Night events live across the nation?
12:19 Dana White: I have no control over that, the network does.

12:19 [Comment From Mookie: ]
What do you think of the MMA scene here in Seattle?
12:19 Dana White: Well, I think it's pretty damn good considering ticket sales for Fight Night.
12:19 Dana White: We were scaling this thing for about 8,000 and we're close to 14,000 now. This thing ended up being a mini-Toronto.
12:20 Dana White: Will we think about coming back to Seattle? Hell yes.

12:20 [Comment From LK: ]
will Chael Sonnen be at the April 30th fan expo
12:20 Dana White: It's going to depend on what happens with him. Maybe. I hope he is.

VCURamFan 03-24-2011 08:20 PM

Page 2:


12:20 [Comment From Jeff K: ]
Why eliminate the “elimination round” from TUF this season?
12:21 Dana White: Because we only have 10 episodes this season. It's normally 13. It's 10 this season.
12:21 Dana White: Also, I will not be on Jay Leno tomorrow night.
12:21 Dana White: Jon "Bones" Jones will.
12:21 Dana White: On Saturday, he looked incredible. It was amazing. If he won, I didn't expect him to win like that.

12:22 [Comment From Bob from Bellevue: ]
What is the status of Cain Velasquez......has he recovered from his injury?
12:22 Dana White: Yeah, he's recovering. He's getting there. He won't be ready to fight until like November.

12:22 [Comment From Guest: ]
when is ufc coming to uk next!
12:23 Dana White: We're looking at the fourth quarter this year to be back in England.

12:23 [Comment From JB: ]
Is Arriany going to be there Saturday?
12:23 Dana White: Hell yes, she's going to be there.

12:24 [Comment From Mike from Seattle: ]
When is Anderson Silva going to fight Bones Jones?
12:24 Dana White: Silva has made it very clear me to he does not want to fight at 205.

12:25 [Comment From Josh: ]
with the acquisition of Strikeforce, will we be seeing an increase in the number of events, or just an increase in event quality (not that there is a lack of quality fights)
12:25 Dana White: As this continues to grow, we need more fights. Not only here, but in other countries. That's why we acquired Strikeforce.

12:26 [Comment From John: ]
Why did you choose for Rampage to fight Hammill? As opposed to any other top teir LHWs
12:27 Dana White: I guess it was more of a timing issue. Hamill wanted that fight. Hamill wanted it.

12:27 [Comment From Jack: ]
Dana who are the new coaches on the ultimate fighter?
12:27 Dana White: We're still working on it. I'll be announcing it soon.

VCURamFan 03-24-2011 08:21 PM

Page 3:


12:27 [Comment From Esteban Chavez: ]
Nick Diaz vs Diego Sanchez rematch?
12:28 Dana White: That will be a fun fight. Definitely a fun fight. Nick Diaz or Diego Sanchez against anybody is fun.

12:28 [Comment From Lee: ]
Why is Rashad so upset with Jones talking about the two fighting, going as far as leaving the team?
12:28 Dana White: I don't think it's as much about Jones as it is about Greg Jackson. He feels betrayed by Jackson.

12:28 [Comment From AndrewA: ]
What top fighter not in the UFC are you interested in signing?
12:29 Dana White: Now with the acquisition of Strikeforce, we have them all.

12:29 [Comment From SoSickSabre: ]
Are you going to have trouble with monopoly laws now that you own all of the major mma orginizations?
12:29 Dana White: There's no barrier to entry to get into this. All you need is a bunch of cash and a big set of balls. There's no barrier to entry to get into this thing. It's not like we make computer chips or something.

12:29 [Comment From JC: ]
What did you think of Urijah Faber's performance at UFC 128??
12:30 Dana White: I actually was impressed with his performance. I talked to Wineland before the fight. Wineland was motivated and pumped up. He was a tougher guy than people gave him credit for.
12:30 Dana White: I was very impressed with Urijah.

12:30 [Comment From bpm2000: ]
When is the online viewing experience going to get better? The PPV streaming is not very good right now, and certainly not worth the television cost, even with the "features".
12:30 Dana White: I think it depends on your computer. If you're still watching with dial-up, I can see why you would have a bad experience.
12:31 Dana White: We test this stuff. It's not like we just throw this stuff and say, 'Oh, I hope this works for everybody.'
12:31 Dana White: And if you don't have a good computer, buy it on TV. Or go to a bar.

12:31 [Comment From Ben M: ]
What will happen to the female fighter you have acquired through the purchase of Strikeforce?
12:31 Dana White: They'll continue to fight in Strikeforce.

VCURamFan 03-24-2011 08:22 PM

Page 4:


12:31 [Comment From Mike from Seattle: ]
Is there a goal in mind about number of fights per year?
12:32 Dana White: No. We really don't. What we want to do. You see how all these people are asking that are hungry for live UFC events, we want to put on as many as we can everywhere.

12:32 [Comment From Travis W: ]
Any word on Shane Carwin's next opponent?
12:32 Dana White: Actually, we do know who Shane's next opponent is.
***The next response is from later in the chat***
12:39 Dana White: As for Shane Carwin: Jon Olav Einemo. That's his next opponent. He's from Norway. He's 6 foot 6, and he's the Abu Dabi submission champion.

12:32 [Comment From jamie: ]
do u have a ego?
12:33 Dana White: Huge. Massive.

12:33 [Comment From Joel: ]
What has been your biggest challenge ever in your position?
12:33 Dana White: My biggest challenge ever? That's a good one. I would have to say right when we first bought the company, trying to get this thing back on Pay-Per-View and free TV.

12:34 [Comment From frasco: ]
what strikeforce fighters are you the most excited to be associated with now ?
12:34 Dana White: Listen, I have always liked Nick Diaz. My only beef with Nick was he would never play the game. Not even a little bit. But I've always liked him.

12:34 [Comment From Chris: ]
In your opinion who is the best pound for pound fighter in the world
12:34 Dana White: Anderson Silva I think is the No. 1, but it's looking like Jon Jones could be very soon.

12:35 [Comment From Ciaran, Ireland: ]
Hey Dana who will Shogun fight next and do you think he can be LHW champ again?
12:35 Dana White: I think Shogun is incredibly talented. He has been plagued with injuries. that's his problem.

12:35 [Comment From David: ]
How much control do fighters have when it comes to matchmaking?
12:35 Dana White: Zero.

12:36 [Comment From wahmanz: ]
Do you ever get a vacation, or any time off?
12:36 Dana White: There's times that I'll go on vacation, but you're never really on vacation.

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