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atomdanger 01-23-2009 11:02 PM

Do you feel like we're making an impact?
What do you think we should do to move forward with our efforts?

I have NO clue what we should do, or if what we are doing is working.
But it seems to be, I mean, we haven't been attacked on our soil again,
but what do you guys think???

kyle 01-23-2009 11:25 PM

Well we haven't been attacked since 9/11 on our soil and we have intercepted some plots for other attacks on us and we were able to stop them so far. of coarse they still attack places like the U.S. Embassy by shooting RPG's and driving car bombs up to the gate and stuff.
But over all we are doing a good job and if we stop what were doing now....thats when we will be hit again.

Irish Pride 01-24-2009 12:41 AM

I'm a bit upset we haven't gotten Osama in close to 8 years. :sad:

atomdanger 01-24-2009 02:22 AM


Originally Posted by Irish Pride
I'm a bit upset we haven't gotten Osama in close to 8 years. :sad:

Yeah, that definitely does suck.

Josh 01-24-2009 04:52 AM

I think our military and other departments are doing an outstanding job of protecting us. Since I am not in the military and have never been to Iraq I don't think I can say with any certainty but it seems we are making some progress and I hope we stick with it.

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