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Tyburn 03-13-2011 12:47 PM

I dont know what to call this thread

Okay...what I'm going to say is probably going to sound...very strange to some people...but I have to tell someone...If you dont believe what I am about to say, or the links I made then thats your opinion, but you wont change my mind.

About two weeks ago I went walking in the woods, its a place I often go for spiritual reasons, I feel more able to think and pray away from people, and on my own, burried within Nature then any time else. I actually saw an Owl, an Owl that was hooting. If any of you have ever known or read the very small amount I post about my personal relationship with GOD, you will know that birds figure quite deeply, because they are a sign to me that I am loved. You will also know they tend to appear, before something spiritual happens in my development. mostly they just bring comfort, they do not mean success or reward. They would have a knack of being front page newspaper articals, the same day I would get rejected from a Job I really wanted...or something like that.

Owls became the most commonly used Sign. So when I saw, with my own eyes, the wild owl and watched it for a bit, I had a feeling that sometime over the holiday something would occure, maybe big, maybe small, that I could look back on and see as some Key Spiritual Development, or something I could draw comfort from

Last night when I went to bed, I started to dream almost right away. I was just enveloped in darkness, which at first seemed quite pleasent. I became aware of chanting, which again seemed quite pleasent. But over time this chanting got louder and faster, and started sounding very disjointed, it morphed from something which sounded like Gregorian Chant, into something that so