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snakerattle79 02-06-2011 09:27 PM

Dana White Screws UFC Fans: The New Vince McMahon

UFC President Dana White has reneged on yet another “Guaranteed” title shot. Yushin “Thunder” Okami is going to be snubbed yet again and all Dana White has to say is “Okami is gonna be pissed, but he’s not getting the next title shot.”

With Okami earning this “guaranteed” title shot after defeating Nate Marquardt, he will now be snubbed by a second opponent, the first was Vitor Belfort, the second is none other than “to be determined.” Yes, Dana White is up to his old tricks snubbing Japanese fighters of what they have earned and letting them stay inactive and springing a big fight out of nowhere on them then if not victorious stating Japanese MMA is no good or it sucks.

With Silva clearing out the middleweight division there isn’t any fight left that makes sense, so might as well make the Okami fight. Okami is the last man to get a victory against Anderson Silva although it was by DQ from an illegal upkick. Okami is also a much stronger and improved wrestler since then and is now better than Chael Sonnen, the last man to give Anderson major problems inside the Octagon.

Okami being snubbed again is leading to the belief that Dana White doesn’t like Japanese fighters. White has repeatedly brought in Japanese fighters well past their prime and let them get beaten on in the UFC to further his statement of the “UFC having the best fighters in the world.” Although this isn’t true in every case with a Japanese fighter, it seems like the formula Zuffa LLC is going with and it’s working.

I know for a fact this statement is not true at all, the UFC is a giant marketing machine and there are plenty of fighters who can beat the UFC’s best but many if not all are true martial artist and do not fight for sport since they have a different