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Boomer 08-10-2010 06:27 AM

Boomer Tale: Oakland
You know .. I'm going to sit this one out. :) matt and pena said everything that needs to be said. Awesome trip with good friends. Great to see other forum members out supporting matt. :wink:

Til next time my forum friends.

Matt Pena 08-10-2010 06:30 AM

I agree with Chuck's quote!:wink:

3dlee 08-10-2010 06:47 AM

You gotta be joking, Boomer. Ive been looking allllllll week for a boomer tale. Matt Pena did do a great writeup but nobody can make a person feel like they were there the way you can. Oh well, you do so much for us, Boom, if ya need to keep these memories for yourself, I guess we'll be understanding. Hope you had a great time (though well never know).

flo 08-10-2010 06:52 AM

What lee said.

I was really looking forward to reading a Boomer tale also. :sad:

I think you should reconsider...

Boomer 08-10-2010 06:54 AM

heres a few pics though

Boomer 08-10-2010 06:56 AM

matt hughes 08-10-2010 07:32 AM

looking for the tale buddy. like you said, i left a lot out...

Boomer 08-10-2010 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by matt hughes (Post 129924)
looking for the tale buddy. like you said, i left a lot out...


Well gang this tale starts for me on Wednesday as I start my trek across the country. The country sage had txt me asking when I was going to be in and I had shot him one back only … as in true Boomer fashion some freak accident happened and the rag one of the maintenance men had tucked in the back of his pants got sucked into one of the A/C units of the plane. Never happened before …. in the history of Delta is what the pilot had said. :mellow:
So we sat on the plane for an hour and twenty mins with no A/C. The guy sitting next to me was kinda large and had a skin condition. He was scabbing everywhere. Nice guy though and I could tell he was really self conscious about it, so I just had faith that if it was anything contagious he wouldn't be on the plane .. so he just scabbed on me as we talked. :scared0015:

Finally the pilot comes on and says … well we still can;t get the rag so we are just going to have to go on without the unit. That just means we have to fly lower and slower. I finally got to San Francisco and sweet Michelle was there to pick me up. This was my second time doing this, Two years ago I did the same thing when Robbie fought Scott Smith close to there.

Michelle drives me over to my hotel and I check in. it is .8 miles from where matt is staying according to map quest .. but not an easy walk. Highway with no sideways …. in Oakland. Michelle takes me over to the guys and matt had said that they just got back from the show and by the time we head over they will be down in the training room in building four. Sure enough …. we walk in and they are in there throwing away. Jeremy was sitting against the wall reading a fantasy novel, matt and Pena where throwing mitts. After a break in rounds we say our hellos. Michelle and I head up to matt's room and watch some TV for a bit and I look over at matt at one point and his eyes are half open half not. I say,

“ You going to sleep buddy.”

With that half cocked smile “I think I am.” So Michelle takes me back to my room and day one is down.

The next day I wake up and shoot matt a text asking what time he is going to roll. After about an hour I hadn't heard from him I figured he was either busy or asleep so decided to just head on over and call a cab. As I was waiting he shot a txt back

“Come over at any time.”

“Already on my way.”

“How long?”

“waiting on cab 15 mins?”

“Might be down in training room”

I get to matt's hotel and as I was walking up to the door I remembered that I needed a keycard to get in the building. I stop to pull out my phone and BAM!! matt walks with Jeremy and Pena close behind. I couldn't help but smile. I had a good feeling about this fight and matt just looked so ready …. we head over to the training room and bout half way through the practice Ruthless Robbie Lawler walks in. Over these past few trips I've gotten to know Robbie quite a bit and he is one of those people you just like having around. You are going to laugh around him .. there is no way out of that. After the practice, matt heads up to his room to get ready for the press conference. Christie, my Abu Dhabi friend, called and needed a place to store her bags before check in so she stopped by to drop her bags off. We talked for a bit while matt got ready, then it was time to march. matt and I head over to the press conference, which was about an hour away. In our van was Big Country and his wife Jessi (great gal) and his brother, Chael Sonnen and with him was Matt Linland and “Coach”, and then Jon Fitch. Coach was Chaels boxing coach and that is what everyone called him. I enjoyed talking with him .. old Army dog .. boxed in the Army and loved to tell stories. matt and I also got to talk a little bit on the way over about my new job. Once we got there, they hurded us into one room and hurded all their opponents into another. Michelle had driven over because the website said it was open to the public, but it wasn't. I told matt and he told me to go get her … so, I did. As I walked out one of the UFC operations folks looked at me and I said,

“I'm going to be bringing someone back here with me in a second.”
She looked at me and said, “ok”
I'm starting to see some familiar faces in the back at these events and I guess they are starting to recognize me with matt.

Got to talk a bit with Big Country and Jon Fitch in the back .. they are big gamers and they talked about the hours of XBOX played when not in a training camp. Dana came in as we where waiting and some of you pointed out and as Llama txted me .. you saw us on Dana's VLOG. :)

The press conference to steal matt's words was one of the best ones I've ever been too. Good questions, Chael was just flat out funny .. but really so was Silva. It was a good time.

We headed back to the hotel and met up with all the other guys and went to go see “Dinner for Schmucks “. It had some funny parts to it … it was one of those movies that I laughed I think more after when you talk about it than actually during. Kinda like a Saturday Night Live skit.

Robbie was telling me earlier in the day about a movie he got called Green Zone. He had just bought it and wanted to watch it with me because it had a lot to do with intel in Iraq. Like I said in other tales, generally Robbie and my convos are usually around world events, politics or food. We both have a passion for eating ... he just carries his better. Robbie wanted my take on this movie. The TVs were set up to where you could not hook up your portable DVD player so when we got back into the room Robbie checked to see if you could order it. Sure enough … it was there. So …. we watched it. I actually saw the building I worked out of in one of the areal pans of Baghdad they had … and I started talking … probably too much about what I did over there because the movie had accurate situations …. but not accurate applications or meaning. It was awful. I'm writing a letter to Matt Damon.

Friday morning I just went over to matt's hotel when I woke up. He was still crashed out so I hopped on the forum to catch up. I know I have been neglecting my time in here, I;ve just had a lot going on right now .. but that will soon stop. After reading that thread on Roger coming to the rescue of that girl that got hit I see ya'll REALLY need me back. Geezzz..... What are some of you thinking?? :D

The country sage wakes up and we get a few things ready to take down to weigh in. The banner, shorts things like that. Jim, the One More Round owner came up and gave matt his walk out shirts, which I must say were really really nice. OMR hit a hard spell for a bit, but they have bounced back which I am happy for. You can get matt's shirt on their site. As we were walking down the hall, matt brushes his hand against the wall and then stops with a look of panic on his face that quickly turned into relief and then annoyance.

“Whats up buddy?” I ask

matt lifts his left hand up and shows me his wedding ring finger.

“keep forgetting” he said. First night I was there we were talking and Audra had sent me a video of Katlyn crawling for matt. She just started that week. Well, for some reason matt's knuckle on that hand was bigger than usual and he was having a hard time getting the ring on and off. So he had to leave the ring off while he trained. If the finger got any bigger and he couldn't get it off the UFC would have had to cut the ring before the fight. Matt had a habit of tapping his ring against the wall as he walked and when he tapped and didn't feel it .. it took a second to recover why.

matt was in good spirits that day and he didn't have much weight to go. matt, hoggie and myself went to the gym … closely followed by robbie who scolded us for leaving him. matt needed some plastics and I needed to go get some stuff for matt for after the weigh ins .. so I went to Wal-mart while they started cutting. Jeff the head trainer at 24 hour fitness was kind enough to drive me around to get everything I needed and then even drove our crew back to the hotel afterward. Thanks Jeff!! Know you'll read this.

We go get Sushi after, but I got Chicken. Just wasn't feeling the fish that day. On the way walking there matt asks

“Did the guys fill you in on their deal”
“What deal?”

“Well, if I get a OK or TKO Pena gets a gun. If I win by a submission, Jeremy gets a gun.”

“Sooooo, what happens if you knock him down and then get a submission?”

matt smiling “well they both would get a gun.” :D

Once we get back, matt gets ready and we all march over for the weigh ins. Back stage I got to talk to Jon Fitch a bit more while Pena and matt played cards … or while matt was schooling Pena on gin rummy I should say … at least that was the last thing I heard. After the weigh ins … well … fail. I got an Italian place lined up within walking distance for the hotel and it sucked. But really the options weren't to good. You couldn't travel far … and it had to hold a lot of people. I felt bad the food was so bad for matt. And trust me … it was bad. I really didn't want matt to pay for it .. so we flipped a coin. I lost. Again …....

The crew after dinner went to go see “The Other Guys” .. good enough movie. I laughed at parts, got a few lines out of it I can use. What more can you ask for. After that we get our van driver to take us all to Deny's. It was right across the street from my hotel so after we got done eating and looking for bum's that got hit by cars …. I walked over to crash after matt and crew got the hotel van to pick them up. I left my camera bag in matts room that had my phone charger in it .. so by morning my phone was dead.

I got over not too early the next day and my keycard isn't working at matt's door. I needed my phone charger so I knock lightly to see if he is up..... well, he wasn;t up and I woke him up. On game day … It really is hard to find good help there days. He lays back down, I plug my phone in and go down stairs and have breakfast with Mark and Emily and Christie and her friend. I'm pretty close to Mark to after these few years. You really would be hard pressed to find better folks than the Hughes'. I take Mark and Emily up to matt's room and we hang out a bit. Then I take Mark and Emily over to my hotel to check them in. I head back over and spend the last few hours with matt just watching Eric Brockovitch. When it started to get close to marching time, I asked matt if I could pray for him. I pray for matt a lot outside of the fact of him fighting, so when he does fight .. its just more constant. Of course he says yes, and I just asked the Lord to be with him and asked that he could feel God's hand on him as he went out to do what the Lord put before him to do. Mark came up to see who I was riding with. It was them, so I helped matt get some stuff together and we headed down to the cornermens room so they could march together. I gave them my hugs there and set out to watch the war from the stands.

UFC 117 was the best live card I have ever been too. When matt came out, again I stopped breathing except when I was screaming. I did pray the whole fight. I had a good feeling about this whole fight even before I got there. I don;t always take my “good feelings” as matt will win, but will be safe which is what I really pray for. When matt stepped into that octagon it was like he had already won. He just looked that good and it just felt that right. When matt caught him with that upper cut I blew my voice out. (really right now I have no voice .. so txt me if you need to talk haha) Then when he finished him with that choke …. I peed a little and spilled my beer .. just like UFC 52, but this time I wasn't watching a stranger.

After the fight I met the guys at the van. matt climbs out and starts to power walk to the hotel door so he doesn't get mobbed by fans. First time I had saw him since the win so, I give him a pat on the back as he marches. Robbie of course is smiling from ear to ear and says to me real loud so matt can hear

“ Hey Boomer how'd you like that run across the Octegon?” and gives his famous laugh and he imitates his version of matt running to pounce on Almeda. Matt turns with a smile and says

“You'd done the same thing!!”

Once we get inside and we are walking down the hall Robbie is doing that same “run” behind matt and every time I laugh and he turns around Robbie stops.

:laugh: :laugh: Just a good time had by all.

One of the scriptures in the Bible that I try to keep close to heart is 1 Peter 5:5

“God opposes the proud but favors the humble.”

If any man on this planet is living proof this scripture is true its matt hughes. I really believe that God;s favor is on matt because of the humility that is in his heart. With everything he could be doing or the man he could be with this fame, he remains so humble, genuine and true to his family and friends. I couldn't count the times that he was looking at pictures of his kids on his cell phone .. or he would get off the phone with Audra and say to me,
“Boomtown have I told you what I good one I have waiting at home?”

After matt had won his fight I got a txt from Audra saying:

“Whoo Hoo! Make sure santa gets 2 bed and doesn't miss his flight home. Thanks boomtown.”


She loaned the Country Sage to the world for a week .. now its back to the life they enjoy with each other.

I hung around for another day and got to spend time with Michelle. Including getting t-boned in her new mustang by some chick who didn;t see her. No one was hurt but the car. I actually saw it coming, but my voice wasn't working still. Massage school came in handy as I worked some knots out of her back and neck … she can tell you if I was any good. Hehe …

I just got back around midnight on Monday after a few delays … but everything was worth the effort. I got to see some of you guys and do a little part in helping a close friend do something great.

Til next time my forum friends, this is Boomtown signing off.

Llamafighter 08-10-2010 01:03 PM

There is nothing like a Boomer Tale...
Thanks for making the executive request Matt:)

I don't suppose there's anyway we can get all 3 guys to write like this everytime?


MattHughesRocks 08-10-2010 03:43 PM

It was a fun few days. Great fight.All the fights were great..and yes...Boomer was that good :w00t:

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