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Tyburn 02-20-2009 10:01 PM

December 29th 1940

When Paris Fell to Nazi Germany, the British Responded in force by air. The German Retaliation was called "Blitz Krieg"

The most major Attack on record was direct on The city of London.

5pm black-out. The lights in London all went out, streetlamps, house lamps, car lamps. The idea was the city would dissapear into the night. the bombers would have more trouble detecting their target. It was enforced by law

6.10pm the air-raid warnings begin, and the Dean of Saint Paul's Cathedral was warned that the main Target was London, possibly the Cathedral.
Down the Road in Trafalgar a U.S invited Reporter was watching a silent Movie in the Cinema, he would be the first to publish the utter distruction of a Force not ever seen before. His name was William White.

6.15 Anti-aircraft guns begin to shell the skies above london.

But the first wave was only TEN Bombers. They were using a tonal system of radar. There was a radar that gave a tone out of London, and a Rader that gave them their own tone. When they were in the same Geo-location the two tones would become a single tone, that told the Bombers to go

Incendry bombs. These are small explosives meant to act as lighting beacons for the planes, and possibly cause fires. At this point it became evident just what the bombers were lighting up. Saint Paul's Cathedral. The Saint Paul's Watch went out on the roofs to begin to put out the incendries.

One of the Incendries bounced on the dome and became lodged on the dome itself. The Dome is not an easily accessable place for a man to extinquish a fire. It was begining to melt the lead of the dome, underneith the lead outer layer was a wooden frame...if the incendry penetrated it...but by the Hand Of GOD, the bomb suddenly became dislodged and crashed onto the Stone Gallery where it was extinguished.

At this point the Government realized that the Germans were going to do exactly what they did to Coventry. Hitler played Tit-for-tat. When the British drew a huge Strike on Munich, Hitler replied by almost flatening Coventry, and one of the Buildings which had been at the Heart of the Community and Target campaign had been the successful distruction of Coventry Cathedral. The bombed out Cathedral remains today as a memorial....right next to it is the Rebuilded New Cathedral. It became crystal clear that the Germans had decided to do the same with London, specifically Saint Paul's often seen as a major moral booster to the city and prominent symbol of the British Reserve.

Hitler hoped that this display would convince the British to surrender.

by 7pm 10 Thousand Incendries had been dropped on Fleet-street and the surounding area of Ludgate. This area was EXTREMELY flammable because it was where the newspapers were held. Before you knew it, fire was begining to spread in the alleyways surrounding the Square Mile. Three extra Firefighter divisions were sent to the area to support the already overstretched service.

Thirty Bombers arrived on the scene, these carried high explosives, designed to drop on the fires that were left by the incenduries. 550lb Bombs would land within the fires, in the hopes that they would continue to burn and become uncontrollable to the Firebrigade. Saint Paul's must have trembled in her boots, the Monestry of Old Saint Paul's Burned Alive in the fire of London.

7.15pm The Firemen began to lose control of the fires around the City, one by one Streets within the Square Mile were taken by the flames engulfing five story buildings full of newspapers and books

7.20pm The London Underground shut down. this puzzled the people in Westminster, less then 2 miles to the West, who didnt really know what was going on. This is a testament to the acuracy and also motive of what the Germans were attempting. William White tiered of his Movie and went outside to begin his report in Westminster Savoy. The Americans could not understand how the British in Westminster were simply living life as usual whilst the Square Mile burned.

At 7.30pm Englands War Time Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill got a call to tell him Saint Paul's Cathedral was under direct attack. "At All Costs Saint Paul's MUST be saved" Came the reply. Saint Paul's was now more or less enclosed within a ring of fires and still fighting incenduries that kept falling on the roof.

by 7.31pm the Bombs were begining to hit shelters, those shelters would collapse, killing the many people inside. Whole Families were obliterated, and three Hospitals were in the Bombing Area. Saint Thomas, and Guys being two. Cannon Street, Morgate, Waterloo, all major Stations on the underground were alight.

7.50pm. Firemen reported the wind was picking up, and this was making their job twice as difficult

By now William White and most of Westminster had come out onto the streets to see what the Bright Lights were. They hadnt realized just what a firestorm in London could look like.

somewhere in the region of over 120 thousand bombs were dropped...and there was more to come... and Ten thousand of them had been Inceduries

Chuck 02-20-2009 10:12 PM

That's it????? What happens next??? How does the story end???? ;)

VCURamFan 02-20-2009 10:12 PM

Man, that is devastating. I have just one corrections: Blitzkrieg (which means literally "Lightening War") was actually the method that Germany used to roll through Belgium, France, Iceland, Netherlands, etc.

VCURamFan 02-20-2009 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Chuck
That's it????? What happens next??? How does the story end???? ;)

He hasn't finished copy/pasting yet. :Whistle:

Tyburn 02-20-2009 10:53 PM

William White decided along with thirty foreign correspondants had arrived for Christmas decided to try and get into the Square Mile. They were given access so that they could tell the whole world just what was going on. Perhaps it would awaken America, suggested William White.

Taxi and Bus services were still trying to opporate around the Square Mile :laugh:

at around 8pm the Firefighters were told to abandon the city and save only Saint Paul's. By 9pm Paternoster Square caught alight less then 25feet from the Cathedral. The Guildhall caught alight, Saint Brides Church caught alight. William White was documenting it all. Buildings which had not seen this level of bombardment in more then four hundred years. The heat was so intense, buildings were begining to spontaniously combust :cry:

Then the Water stopped. :mellow: The Watermains had been hit! The Germans had also planned the attack to coincide with the low tide of the Thames...when the firemen went to pump water, it was no good because the pumps would get plugged with silt.

by 9pm the firemen were recording a "Firestorm" the mix of wind and fire and lack of water turned the city into a living furnace. The furnace edge was 20 feet from Saint Pauls on the North, and West.

Then came the Citizens. :cry:

The people of the London Boroughs began to arrive at the Cathedral to seek sanctury or to help. They had walked through the burning night to be in the shadow of Saint Paul's. You see noone lives in the Square Mile, its all office blocks and Churches. These people left the safety of other parts of Lond which were not being attacked, and had to cross through the engulfing ring of fire. William White suddenly saw that British people can be courageous in both continuing with life despite tragic circumstances, and by braving the German Luftwaffe and journeying on a bizzare pilgrimmage to the threatened

at Midnight the one hundred and thirty planes (in total) retired back to france. But the firestorm left behind raged on. by 2am the buildings in central London began to crumble under the sustained weight of the firestorm.

eye witnesses tell of how uncanny it was that the whole city was laid waste except for one more or less completely untouched building. That of Saint Paul's sat majestically within the ring of fire she was unharmed and seamed to "float" as if "on the sea" except it was a sea of fire. William White returned to Westminster.

They thought it was over

They were wrong

The Planes had not Retired. They had simply returned for Fuel :frantics: Then GOD intervened. The Second Air Attack that would have destroyed London beyond all doubt, and Saint Paul's with it. Was called off due to the bad weather, the same weather that bought the wind. Hitler went Nuclear when he was informed that the German Offensive against London had failed.

The Whole Square Mile, half of the Docklands, and most of the embankments had been obliterated.

and smack in the centre of the Rubble, Saint Paul's almost unmarked towered as if the only surviving building. The British People could rebuild the city, but they were not prepared to lose the very Heart of it.

The Blitz on a lesser scale contined in London for FIFTY SEVEN consecutive nights. In total the Building was only Hit twice. The High Altar was Distroyed when a Bomb came through the East End Roof. And the North Transept Balcony was Distoryed. That was the entireity

100,000 people were killed in Dresden as a response in one night. Following the same Germanic plan...except...Our Guys returned a second time after refueling. Hamburg was to Follow, and then a lesser attack on Berlin itself. Where Germany and England failed to Bomb a Country into Submission, less then a year later The United States of America joined the Allied Offensive and within Four years proved that it was possible when Droping two Atomic Bombs on two Japanese Cities, Japan Surrendered:ninja:

VCURamFan 02-20-2009 11:00 PM

Man, what an icredible story. Stuff like this can't be written. I'm shocked that there hasn't been a major motion picture written about this. I'd pay good money to go see it.

Tyburn 02-20-2009 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by VCURamFan

:huh: No I dont think so.

Switzerland, Poland, Check, France, Belgium/Holland/Neatherlands Luxemburg

Dont think he got Spain, Not sure how much of the Baltic he got, probably all of it, because they were Aryan (Denmark, Norway, Sweeden)

Tyburn 02-20-2009 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by VCURamFan
He hasn't finished copy/pasting yet. :Whistle:

:laugh: TV actually!

Ive just watched an hour and a half episode about it :cool:

VCURamFan 02-20-2009 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by Tyburn
:laugh: TV actually!

Ive just watched an hour and a half episode about it :cool:

I was gonna say, I knew it wasn't somethign you had written on your own. The paragraphs wer waaaaay too short!!

Tyburn 02-20-2009 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by VCURamFan
I was gonna say, I knew it wasn't somethign you had written on your own. The paragraphs wer waaaaay too short!!

:unsure-1: well its my words...but the narrator was going through things REALLY quickly! sooo I had to keep stopping and starting and moving on.

Its my summery of the programme if that makes sense :laugh:

I LOVE Saint Paul's Cathedral, for me it is one of the Greatest Place on Earth....and GOD loves it aswell. HE Saved it.

The wind, the bad weather that stopped the German second strike, and the incendry that magically disentangled itself from the dome roof, protection from the fire, which it shouldnt have had. it stood next to the furnace for over 5 hours at a distance of 25feet.

It should have reasonably been distroyed. But GOD saved it. :ninja: as the second verse of the National Anthem states

"Scatter her enemies, and make them fall. Confound their politics, frustrate their knavish tricks, on thee our hopes we fix, GOD save us all...." :w00t:

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