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Garandshooter 03-03-2010 01:24 AM

Garand Matches
Any one interested in shooting an M1 Garand match, and becoming elligable to purchase an M1 Garand through the CMP? In the next few months I will be shooting these matches at the Beloit rifle club in Beloit Wisconsin, and would like to invite anyone to come.Beloit is a border town, half on the Illinois side. The club has four rifles to loan, or you can shoot mine (much nicer). If you shoot a match, and join the Illinois State Rifle Association $25.00 annual, you will be able to purchase M1 Garands through the CMP. This is a no pressure, any skill level, just for fun match.

Oddtodd76 03-03-2010 01:34 AM

for us dummies....what is the CMP?

any type of shooting is fun shooting.
I watched them shoot garands on shooting usa a few months back.

Garandshooter 03-03-2010 01:48 AM

The Civilian Marksmanship Program, sells military surplus rifles to raise funds for youth shooting programs. WWW.ODCMP.COM. This is a government charterd organization Teddy Rosevelt started, because the lack of marksmanship skills he saw in recruits entering military service. They also run the National Matches at Camp Perry (Ohio). If you shoot the match you'll get a certificate, Then join the ISRA $25.00 and you can buy an M1 Garand. The weapon will come Fed EX to your home. No gun dealer/FFL. Buy a rifle from the US government. Come join me, and get a Garand while you can, for MUCH less then a gunshop. They start around $495.00. If you've ever wanted one of these rifles, and don't do this you are a BIG WHIMP.

Oddtodd76 03-03-2010 05:54 PM

i gotta pay off da credit cards first. Then i want a nice full frame xdm or 1911. Garand has to wait.

Black Mamba 03-04-2010 02:52 AM

:cry: *screams*

What I would give to be there. I'm a lover of rifles by nature, but since I live in CA, rifles are illegal (unless you got a hunting license I think? ). I sleep with a M-1 Carbine (just bought .30 cal bullets for it) but I legally cannot shoot it unless I want a po po record.

I'm hoping this spring break to get in one with my inner sharp shooter and take up some sharp shooting classes.

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