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MattHughesRocks 07-09-2009 01:20 AM

Lesnar gets pissed LOL
What a baby.Sore loser still :laugh:

Bonnie 07-09-2009 01:32 AM

Yeah, it doesn't look like he's ready to forgive or forget. :laugh:

MattHughesRocks 07-09-2009 01:41 AM

I'm going to laugh my ass off if he loses :laugh:

Bonnie 07-09-2009 01:50 AM

I think Randy could have beaten him if not for Brock's size. Once he gets them on the ground and is pounding on them, it's all over (unless Mazzi's reffing). :laugh:

Hughes_GOAT 07-09-2009 03:47 AM

WAR Lesnar!

rockdawg21 07-09-2009 04:46 AM

LOL, that's awesome!

Chuck 07-09-2009 06:44 AM

Still a proud member of the WWE eh?

KENTUCKYREDBONE 07-09-2009 09:09 AM

I can't blame him for being upset at Mazz! After seeing that close up of him tapping and Mazz watching it almost looked like Mazz was hoping Brock would get knee damage. As for losing ,what competitive athlete likes to loose?

warriorlion 07-09-2009 12:41 PM

I have to say I agree with him, Mazz really should have stepped in Lesnar tapped like 100 times and its not like Mazz was on the wrong side, or that Brocks hands are little. It was so obvious he was tapping long before mazz stepped in.

rockdawg21 07-09-2009 01:56 PM

I didn't see Brock being a baby in that video at all.

For one, he was right about Mazz not haivng Mir release the leg soon enough. I remember watching the fight and I was like, "WTF is Mazz doing? Or rather, NOT doing?" With the way Mir grabs a limb, I was wondering how long Brock would be out due to a leg injury, luckily, nothing came of it.

Two, Brock wasn't being a sore loser in the least, he admitted that Mir got the leg, he was simply upset that he lost. When you're as competitive as he is, especially only losing 5 out of 111 wrestling matches in college, that dude FEARS losing like we couldn't even begin to understand, it's no wonder he's training so hard to stay on top.

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