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TexasRN 02-02-2009 07:46 AM

Dollamur Martial Arts seminar Southlake TX
From December 10, 2008. Reposted.

Matt called me to let me know he would be in the Dallas area and was I interested in meeting him there? Well of course I was interested! I worked Tues night so I knew I'd be tired but it is always worth it to hang out with Matt. So I drove to Dallas, Southlake actually which is up there by DFW airport. The gym is called Dollamur Martial Arts. Matt did a quick radio interview for 93.3 there in Dallas and then he came to the gym. I met him there. I had actually gotten there early and was hanging out with Redina. Matt got there about 5 and the kid's class started at 5:30. He ran them thru a couple of games then worked on a take down with them followed by some wrestling moves then had them play another game to close. He's great with kids. He gets right down on their level to talk to them and they stay interested in what he has to say. It was very cool to watch.

The adult class was hilarious. They played elbow tag to warm up. It looked like a lot of fun. He then worked on ground game submissions with them. That's what they wanted. He crammed a lot of info and technique into that 1.5 hour seminar. I am so glad I got to watch. I learned a lot even as I was just walking around snapping pictures.

Matt gave me free reign for the write up on his forum. I wish I was funnier but that's just not me, it would sound silly if I tried to make it funny. I'm sure he'll tell me if there is anything I forgot to say that he wanted mentioned.


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