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Tyburn 02-01-2009 10:12 PM

Discussion on Valkyrie****Spoliers
:laugh: taken from my blog

There is an assumption that all German were enemies of the Allied Forces during the Second World War. This is a falsehood, its called De-sensitization, and its what allows a soldier to kill another, who is only following orders just as he is.
The truth is that long before Hitler took office and began his war as a dictator many of the high ranking Military Officials had seen right through his promises, Promises which fooled a Nation that was undergoing terrible hardship, and terrible grief after the loss of the First World War. Promises of a brighter future, a Nationalist Future, inspired hope in the nation as they came from a man who, above all was gifted in public speaking. I think the warning signs were triggered when Adolf forced the entire Armed Service of Germany to pledge a specific oath to him.

The Film opens with a rendition of that oath. The main problem with this film is that it rumbles headlong into a long and converluted story without really explaining the positions of many leading Characters. Most of those involved in the Plots were Senior Military Figures...and I do mean SENIOR, for example, General Ludwig Beck, who prior to Adolfs arrival was Cheif of The General Staff. All these figures can be considered Nazi, however, there is a distinct difference between the Nazi Germany during Hitlers campaign, and Nazi Germany under Hitler. In the campaign it was about making promises of prospect. These Ideals were very much held by people like Beck. What you have to understand is that in the eyes of Ludwig, it was Hitler who had betrayed the Nation, it was Hitler who had strayed from what a Nazi was supposed to be. The film also portrays the resistance as saints, this is not historically accurate. For example, Ludwig Beck didnt mind invading The Check Republic, neither did he mind invading Austria, he just felt the timing on the latter was too soon. He might have been correct. He forsore a United Response from Europe which might not be quelled. He eventually stood down from office
Whilst the Germans were winning the war, Hitler was only subject to assasination attempts by citizens, and would-be spys. Each time, in at least 10 attempts, Hitler survived. If there was such a thing as the reverse of Divine Intervention...then Adolf Hitler had its protection.