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billwilliams70 05-16-2009 05:45 AM

Machida: "I'd like to test myself against Brock Lesnar."
Lyoto Machida's eyes are fully set on taking away the UFC light-heavyweight crown from Rashad Evans on May 23, but somewhere down the line, he'd like to entertain an even bigger challenge -- Brock Lesnar.

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I know it's a bit early to talk about this stuff, since Machida hasn't even fought Evans yet.....but what are your thoughts on this one?

Personally, I don't think that Machida could keep Lesnar from taking him down. And I really think that Lesnar is way too strong for Machida.


que 05-16-2009 06:22 AM

has anyone ever taken machida down? granted brock lesnar is a HW and is HUGE but tito is a huge LHW who is renound for taking everyone down and machida brushed him off like a ragdoll everytime, made his takedowns look like an amatuers. brock would probably try to dive in for the takedown like he did against mir and herring but machida could easily sidestep that and evade

Hughes_GOAT 05-16-2009 07:20 AM

Soku did twice but Machida swept him

F34R 05-16-2009 11:59 AM

Machinda vs Lesnar would look like some of the old UFC matches, UFC1 etc., where Royce was fighting much bigger guys.

Primadawn 05-16-2009 01:33 PM

I only know I'd love to see that match! WAR MACHIDA!!

rearnakedchoke 05-16-2009 02:10 PM

don't know how much bargaining power he will have after losing to rashad ...

oh and lesnar would beat him any which way ...dude is massive and strong

bj44 05-16-2009 03: