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VCURamFan 03-04-2014 08:26 PM

Joe Rogan hints at 'huge announcement' regarding Ronda Rousey's next opponent

From (By David St. Martin on Mar 3 2014, 8:00a):

What's next for UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey? Aside from small roles in a few Hollywood films, we're not really sure. Thankfully, UFC commentator Joe Rogan says something intriguing could be on the horizon.

Speaking with KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show Friday morning in Los Angeles, Rogan was very quick to dismiss the hosts' claims that Rousey is now left without a legitimate challenge to her title.

"Oh, you're so incorrect," said Rogan. "I wish I could tell you what I know. I wish I could tell you. I know some secret stuff. I know some secret stuff, but I can't tell you."

Rousey, of course, most recently stunned fellow undefeated Olympian Sara McMann with a first round TKO in their Feb. bout at UFC 170. Specifically in regard to an opponent, Rogan says it could be a name we're all familiar with.

"You might actually know, but I can't tell you," claims Rogan. "I can say no more than I've already said. I will tell you this, and this is a KROQ exclusive, within the next probably week or so a huge announcement will come about women's fighting and I'll be back in [the studio] and we'll talk some more. It's going to be crazy. Madness. I wish I could [talk about it now], but I would betray the confidence of my friend and employer."

Interesting, considering the booking of Rousey's next two likely opponents, Alexis Davis and Cat Zingao, would be anything but 'madness.' Although Zingano earned a shot at Rousey back in Apr. 2013 with a win over Miesha Tate, she's been unable to cash it in as she recovers from injures to both knees. Davis, who scored a somewhat controversial split decision over Jessica Eye at UFC 170 could be next, but mostly due to a lack of other options.

As for some wildcards, how about two women not even under UFC contract? Women's boxing champion Holly Holm is currently booked to compete for Legacy FC Apr. 5 in her hometown of Albuquerque, N.M., but has long been a target of the UFC. A women Dana White once referred to as 'the female Conor McGregor,' Holm claimed she was close to signing with the promotion late last year. "We're just waiting for the UFC to make the right deal, and we're ready to go," Holm said back in December.

The other longshot, would be, of course, Cristiane Justino. In addition to being under contract with Invicta FC, 'Cyborg' is currently booked to fight for the inaugural Lion Fight welterweight title in Las Vegas, NV on Mar. 28. While neither of those facts are really much of a hinderance, the fact that Justino has never made weight at 135 pounds certainly is.

(HT to r/MMA on the video)

VCURamFan 03-04-2014 08:37 PM

Here's the biggest rumor about the announcement:

kevint13 03-04-2014 11:36 PM

The issue is Gina has never fought at 135 and been out of the game for awhile. Holly Holm would be my choice if they were going to bring someone in other than Cyborg, but Holly wants more money than the UFC has been willing to offer.

If it is Gina, she will get destroyed. If it is Holly, it could be interesting.

If it is could be the end of Ronda :laugh:

rearnakedchoke 03-05-2014 03:47 PM

haha .. if its gina, dana is a dummy .. sure it will sell, but its just a hypocritical thing to do .. and ronda would dispatch her pretty easily .. gina hasn't fought since cyborg .. if it holm, ronda by armbar in the first two minutes ... and dana doesn't want the cyborg fight just yet ...

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