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Tyburn 02-02-2014 06:43 PM

Songs of Heaven...on Earth?
Most Christians would believe that though written across several ages, though compiled by two different religious bodies who would attest to a different faith, and though from the pens of many different human writers...the Bible is not just divinely inspired writing of GOD through men, but is The Word of GOD itself...a description given also to one member of the Trinity, and thus, a very part of GOD, on which there is no parallel scripture.

In Scripture we get knowledge of what happens within the Throne Room of Heaven itself, and the words which the Host use in constant praise of GOD. These words are replicated in most High Church denominations.

Down the ages, there have also been many very accomplished composers, who have put these words to musical settings, and have indeed signed their works off with a personal dedication to GOD.

The question is...does anyone think that GOD actually inspires some of these composers in the same way that he did with the human writers of the scriptures. Anyone, for example, who has heard, perhaps on of the most infamous musical narratives on the Christian Message..."Messiah" by Handel for example, has to ask, where that music actually came from, because when played out, it certainly sounds more then the work of a single man...infact it sounds like more then the work of man altogether.

Anyone who doubts, perhaps should listen to the whole piece I have a feeling that there is actually quite a lot of "inspired" music out there.

One wonders which version of The Benedictus the Angels actually use in heaven? Listen to this instrumental version of Karl Jenkins peace mass setting, one could certainly imagine it...

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