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Tyburn 11-04-2013 11:18 PM

Egyptian Army put Muslim Brotherhood on Trial
Despite being democratically ellected, and backed originally by the Egyptian Army, a year after the Arab Spring which saw the deposition of Hosni Mubarack (Who again, came to power via a Military Coup, to eventually find the Armed Force abandon him) The Army performed yet another coup and removed President Morsi.

Now, the Televised Trial has begun.

The Army has already banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a political group, rounded up and arrested its members without charge and trial thus far.

Morsi, remeniscent of King Charles I, Claimed that he was still legal head of state, and as such did not recognise the legitamacy, nor authority of the Army Court.

Protestors from both sides screamed and rioted at each other, some already calling for President Morsi to be executed for inciting the killing of protestors during his short reignum.

THIS is what happens, when Western Countries, like ours, tamper with the political system of other countries, that are not like ours, do not share our culture, and frankly, work better without democrasy.

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