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VCURamFan 09-11-2013 09:26 PM

Dan Henderson on Vitor Belfortís TRT: I beat him when he was on steroids


Dan Henderson wants to prove he still have what it takes to defeat some of the best fighters in the world -- even when they are on steroids or testosterone replacement therapy.

Vitor Belfort tested positive for steroids (4-hydroxytestosterone) when he fought Dan Henderson on a PRIDE card in Las Vegas in 2006, and they are set to meet again on Nov. 9 in Goiania, Brazil, for UFC Fight Night 32.

Both fighters are using TRT for their fights, but "Hendo" doesnít believe itís fair since the Brazilian got caught in the past.

"It doesnít bother me, it is what it is," Henderson told Wednesday. "Thatís an issue with the commission. I beat him the first time when he was on steroids, I suppose it wonít make a difference."

Some fans claim that the UFC is hiding "The Phenom" in Brazil so that he can keep using the therapy, and Henderson agrees with that theory.

"Heís a star here too, but I think is primarily because of the TRT issue," he said. "He wouldnít be able to get that here because he tested positive the first time I fought him. They wonít give him an exemption for that."

Henderson will apply for an exemption (TUE) for his next fight, and heís confident "there won't be any issues."

"I donít take that much and Iím always testing myself during camps even when Iím not required because people accuse me," he said. "My levels are always normal."

Among a handful of fighters that use TRT in the UFC, Belfort is the one that hears most of the criticism. And Henderson believes he should.
"It could be because he tested positive in the past," he said. "Thatís part of the deal. You test positive in the past so people expect you took steroids for a long time."

To be fair, though, "Hendo" realizes Belfortís devastating knockout wins over Michael Bisping and L