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Tyburn 07-17-2013 09:49 PM

Commons Enquiry on the Future of The British Army

Tyburn 07-17-2013 10:14 PM

What truely frightens me about this...and, where I stopped watching...was when a minister asked an obvious question...that hadnt occured to the military elite

Sooo...we'd heard for eight moments from the top comanders how the army is working towards a vision for 2020 where the Army performs two opposite tasks.

Being adaptable...and ballencing the books...we are suposed to note that the best way of being adaptable is more troops trained in other areas...but of course that wont help ballence the books will it :laugh:

But what got me, was when someone asked how the plans would change if Scotland were to become independant. The Commander said they hadnt even thought about that.

Lets just put this into perspective...the Army are planning for 2020...The scottish referendum will probably take place next year...the European Union referendum will probably take place between thing fundemental to components of the force itself, the other fundemental to our role in the international community.

and the Army leaders hadnt even thought of that.

OMFG...we are SO screwed! If a simple question from a dumbass parliamentarian can throw up a vital question mark that the army leaders had not even considered...when discussing longer term security objectives...what bloody hope do we have? no wonder they need ongoing continual evaluation!

At least we know that were we to end up under martial law...the lot would be even less able then the parliamentarians we have now :laugh:

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