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huan 06-23-2013 03:31 PM

and the UFC just become anti 2nd amendment

"UFC superstar Glover Teixeira has a niece who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. Now he's joined the Mayors Against Illegal Guns' effort to Demand Action to End Gun Violence. "

Seriously UFC? I wonder how Matt feels about this...

(and maybe a mod can edit my typo'd subject line :P)

Tyburn 06-23-2013 09:44 PM


Are you mad that Glover is in favour of gun restrictions?? If so, isnt he allowed to have and express an opinion??

Or are you angry that the UFC have allowed him to make his own little advert?

Are we sure the UFC are in favour of this...?? They may have allowed the video, but was it their idea...would they allow some other superstar to make an alternate advert and host that as well?? Perhaps someone should ask them

Finally...have you considered that the UFC may not give a hoot either way...but that they are engaging in a political act which is close to the legislators heart in a State that refuses them access....Are you certain this hasnt got far more to do with New York...?

Perhaps you oughta ask some of the MMA newsmedia if they could get an interview with Dana White to get some clarity on this issue.

As for me, I havent really got a clue what you should do about guns in your country. I recognise that hunting in your country is not only well regulated, but also required for population control, so I have no problem with that. I also recognise that because firearms are so widespread in your country, you cant simply