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Tyburn 05-27-2013 11:21 AM

Friends for a season or a reason
I am a strong believer that GOD sends people into our lives for specific purposes, and that he works through those people quite often to enhance his relationship with you. Maybe he provides someone to support you through a hard time, maybe he provides someone who can convince you of a differing opinion that you dont hold, but that he does.

Occasionally, some of those friends become friends who you will never forget and are carried on when the season of your life in which they were most important has come to an end.

I have been on this forum now since March 2006, that is a little over seven years, and various people have come and gone during that time who have made such an impact on my life, that they have changed me completely. Those people who say that this place is "just a forum" are wrong.

For me personally, this place has been a catalyst for my spiritual growth in four ways. The first way was in presenting me with the flip side to my theology on my own same sex attraction, The second way was in providing for me a Church when I felt I could not attend a conventional church, the third way was in providing me indesputable evidence that Intrinsic Value still existed by being inclusive of me, and by allowing me to flourish. The Fourth and final way is the impact that is still persisting. Something extremely special happened to me when I went on my second US tour in 2009, a process that enhanced my personal relationship with GOD tenfold, something which I still can not speak coherently about. Whilst the Forum did nothing to nurture this, the fact I went to the US in the first place was completely down to this Forum, and without that trip I would not be the christian I am today.

The direct season of my life in which this forum has played a major part in my spiritual development has ended. It has been over for a year or two now, but its taken that long to be able to look back in hindsight and collate all the information. The impact that this place, collectively, has made is unchanging, and whilst much diminished now, there are many people hear whose individual friendship has become so important to me, that its extended well, well beyond any specific season.

The point of writing this, was not just to take stock, and to make a public admission, but also to thank those people who have been sent into my life by GOD, and they know who they are...and to present you with three videos that show, over the very season I'm talking about, how I have been transformed.

The first video is called "The History of Dave at Sanctum