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VCURamFan 05-21-2013 02:33 PM

Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp lays the smackdown on shady managers in MMA

The first time I met Shannon Knapp was at the EA Sports MMA launch in Hollywood, CA back in 2010. At that time, the MMA world was still fueled by the perpetual beef between Mayhem Miller and Nick Diaz in Strikeforce. Just after his second fight against KJ Noons in Strikeforce, Diaz was walking backstage on his way to the post-fight press conference and Mayhem Miller was approaching him from the opposite direction. Just after they crossed paths, Nick Diaz threw a water bottle at him and called him a fat [expletive] due to Mayhem not wanting to go under 185 lbs to fight him. Throughout all of this, a nimble videographer filmed the entire incident. During that time, there was a rumor LayzieTheSavage was in possession of the tape and he was holding out on releasing it so that no ramifications would come to Nick Diaz. Shannon Knapp was under the same belief, so at the party I vaguely remember Knapp and Layzie taking a shot and then Knapp telling him to be a man and release the video. It was a fun night. We even shot this video of a 'happy' Gilbert Melendez playing himself for the first time in EA Sports MMA.

Just minutes ago, Shannon Knapp laid the verbal smackdown on some clown manager that has been intimidating other athletes to sign with their management company or they may be blackballed from Invicta FC. When the Wu made 'Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to [expletive] with,' they were really talking about Shannon Knapp. Check out what she wrote on her Facebook page moments ago. Props to @pegson for the find.

VCURamFan 05-21-2013 02:36 PM

The shady manager allegedly slighting Invicta FC fighters has been named, and it's...


So yesterday we published Invcita FC president Shannon Knapp's statement of a shady manager that has been intimidating her stable of Invicta FC fighters (and potential ones), with the claims that he/she would have the ability to get them banned from entering Invicta FC and Strikeforce when it was still around. Now we no longer have to ponder whether this person is a female or a male -- it's a dude. Bummer for all guys out there. Women, look we all don't act like this -- I can assure you.

According to MMA pioneer Tara LaRosa, that shady manager's name is Brett Atchley from Addison Sports Management. LaRosa published a follow up statement on Shannon Knapp's initial post naming the perpetrator. Well, there you have it. Mystery over. Now we can get back to our normal lives, which means I'll be hibernating indoors for the rest of the week.

VCURamFan 05-23-2013 09:27 PM

More sketchy stuff about this guy.

From (I've edited out the bit from Tara that I already posted):

Addison Sports Management president Atchley specializes in the management of women's MMA fighters and, most notably, manages transgender fighter Fallon Fox.

Bloody Elbow reached out to LaRosa on Monday to get additional details on the story.

LaRosa said that she met Atchley for the first time before her fight in March of 2012 against Kelly Warren. Atchley was there as he managed Jessamyn Duke, Elaina Maxwell and Maurice Smith.

"Jessamyn was patched up like NASCAR. She had like ALL these sponsors all over her stuff. Her shorts and her rashguard...everywhere. I was like 'wow, Jesus, what is she getting for that?' and he said 'yeah, I got her about seven or eight thousand dollars worth of sponsors.' And she'd just been amateur. You know?" LaRosa said. "And he was really talking it up, 'I got this person this and I help out that person' you know? Big time."

"I just blew it off. Like, must be nice. But I just blew it off. So after the show, he would contact me and chat me up on Facebook and text and Twitter and all these things. He asked about management, he offered to manage me, get me sponsors and everything. I said 'No, I'm with Monte Cox. That's my manager. But thanks anyway.'"

LaRosa would move to Ivan Salaverry's gym shortly after her win at RFA.
"There had been a big falling out between Brett Atchley and Ivan. And I didn't really know anything about it at all before I got there. But he (Brett) had stopped contacting me for a little bit. But he told me a lot of stuff about how Ivan's school sucks and nobody should go there and everybody is leaving...Ivan is never there, he never teaches the classes and he doesn't care about the fighters, and nobody is happy there. I ended up going there anyway."

LaRosa soon would find out what is alleged to be the real reason behind the falling out between Atchley and Salaverry.

"I guess he had been managing Maurice Smith and handling all his sponsors and contacts and stuff like that. And he had been taking money instead of passing it along to Mo. He was taking about 40% of what had been given, and that wasn't the contracted amount. He was stealing money from Maurice Smith."

But that wasn't all according to LaRosa "Then he was dating one of Ivan's student's moms, and they were at a casino and Brett was caught on tape by casino security stealing money out of her purse. There was an incident report, casino report, police report, all that. It was caught on tape," she said. "Ivan saw it with his own eyes because he didn't believe it. He went up there and saw it himself, and that's why Brett finally got kicked out of Ivan's gym. Then Brett went on a rampage and started slamming him and stuff like that."

LaRosa provided the text messages she says Atchley sent to Salaverry and that Salaverry then forwarded on to her:

LaRosa would have one more set of physical run-ins with Atchley during the weekend of Invicta 3.

"At Invicta, I was coming down the elevator and into the lobby to go out and cut weight. Everybody was standing around in a group just chatting in the lobby, and I stopped by to say 'hi' to everyone. And he grabbed me by the sweater and said 'What's this? Where are all your sponsors? How's that management working out for you?' and all this rude stuff. And, before I could do anything, Ivan pulled me away from him. He just looked like an ass, I'm not sure what his intentions were there."

The confrontations during that trip didn't end there.

"Later, when I was flying home, I was flying back to Seattle. I guess Brett was on the same flight as me, I didn't even realize it. I was walking to my truck and he comes up behind me and beside me, and he grabs my bags, and he tries to carry them or tries to help or whatever. I told him to get away from me and stay away from me, and I pulled my stuff away from him, and he got all belligerent and stupid. I'm sure there's tape on the Seattle airport security cameras."

For her part, LaRosa says that she has decided that she wants to speak out now because she's tired of fighters being afraid of Atchley. It's something she dealt with seven years ago when a manager who was trying to pursue an inappropriate relationship with her beat her up in the gym in front of her team. She says that this motivates her to speak out now about her issues with Atchley.

"I'm not afraid of this guy. He's an idiot. I don't know why everybody is. Yeah, he threatens to sue you for slander, defamation of character, libel, whatever. He can go •••• himself. He is not gonna sue ••••. I've been around for a long ass time. This guy is nobody. He's not going to ruin my career, and I'm not going to let this guy do the same •••• to other people. There was nobody to look out for me back then. Nobody knew. So if, I can help somehow...I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier." She continued, "It's weird. It's like some Harry Potter situation. Like everybody's afraid to say Voldemort's name. What the hell? He's Brett Atchley! He's ••••in' nobody! What's he gonna do to you? Cast a spell?"

Bloody Elbow also contacted Atchley directly and offered to speak to him about the allegations. Mr. Atchley provided the following statement but did not contact Bloody Elbow for a phone interview:

It has been brought to my attention that someone in the women's MMA community is making slanderous accusations against me and seeking out athletes to confirm such accusations.

I take these types of accusations very seriously even though they are unfounded, and I am currently exploring my legal options to defend my name and reputation. I will also do what is necessary to legally put an end to these individuals gossiping and creating situations that simply do not exist.

I would like to publically thank the athletes I currently represent for not buying into the gossip and lies being spread by these individuals and being professionals.
Unlike LaRosa, Jessamyn Duke did spend time with Atchley as her manager. When her contract ran out last January she said didn't plan to re-sign with him due to "red flags" that had been popping up with the way he represented himself.

"When I was out in Vegas for The Ultimate Fighter tryouts was when I let him go. I let him know formally that I wouldn't be needing his services. And it was because he, of course, sent me a new contract right before I went out to Vegas. So because of certain red of them being that he exhibited the behavior of an alcoholic. Every time I saw him personally, one-on-one, he had a serious drinking problem," she said. "He got extremely inappropriately physical with people including my mom at events, fighters at events, anytime he was doing this it was always really uncomfortable."

Duke expanded on the comment about Atchley getting physical with her mom, saying "He actually physically shoved my mom once when they were having an argument. For some reason, he approached my mom when they were in the lobby of the hotel and they started having this argument, and he started telling her that he made me, and I've changed and all this stuff. And my mom being...well, my mom, she didn't take too kindly to that. And she was trying to leave and get out of the way, and he actually shoved her trying to talk to my sister. It was insane and HIGHLY unacceptable to put your hands on a woman like that and move her physically. That was one of my first serious red flags where it was like 'this is not okay.'"

But his behavior that was unacceptable to Duke didn't stop there.

"It wasn't just that event. It was every event if it was one of my fights or not. He had a serious drinking problem and he would get inappropriately physical with fighters. Like at my last fight he went up to my opponent, and I didn't see this, but heard it from her camp and it sounds just like him, but he was grabbing and shoving my opponent and he even admitted it. And like, that's just what I need, for it to get out that my manager is physically assaulting my opponents before my fight."

And Duke also related a story alleging inappropriate sexual behavior from Atchley.

"I have a close friend that had an inappropriate sexual harassment type situation with him. And hearing that, that was something that put me over the edge when I heard about that. And I know there's others that have similar stories with him," she said. "But having a very close friend of mine experience that was especially bad. Especially because she trusted him because he was my manager. So she kind of assumed he was a decent guy."

What may have been the biggest issue for Duke didn't so expressly involve drinking or physical assault, but rather an ethical failure.
"One of the biggest things that he did that showed me his morals and everything was, and this is a big one, but he actually...when I was contemplating going to try out for The Ultimate Fighter, he didn't want me to do it. He was trying to convince me that Zuffa, they'll own your soul. You know? You sign with them, you sign with the devil. You don't understand that they own you when you sign with them and blah, blah, blah. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to send you Alexis' contract and let them see how much they own you," she said. "So he actually sent me Alexis Davis' UFC contract. Which is super illegal. It's in the contracts, they're totally confidential. He sent it to me trying to prove how horrible it was. And she wasn't even with him at that point, she had already left him. And I just kept thinking, if he is doing that with her, what's he doing with my stuff? And besides, we all know what we give up when we sign with the UFC. Showing me one of their contracts isn't going to deter me. That's the goal. That's the ultimate goal, no matter what."

Duke said that adding her personal experiences to his "habitual lies" about how much money sponsors provided and second hand stories about him skimming pay from fighters and the drinking drove her to sever ties. "He was always very much about separating the fighter from the sponsor. He didn't want us to talk to all. And come to find out, sometimes our money didn't exactly add up."

Duke also told the story of her difficulties in severing ties with Atchley when the time came. "When I left him, I tried to do it in the most professional manner possible. I just told him we were on different paths and it was just a personal decision of mine, and I wished him all the best. And then he starts sending me bills for things I've never had bills for before. He starts trying to charge me for having my banners printed and stuff. Just stupid stuff that he was trying to gouge. He sent me a cease and desist letter because he had ignored one of my e-mails to remove me from his website. So I talked to Sam (Wilson) and asked if she would tell him to take me down and I didn't want to be on his website anymore. And I get this cease and desist letter saying I'm not allowed to talk about him and our relationship, and if I don't stop he's going to sue me. He threatened me with a lawyer. Ridiculous stuff and I'm not even sure what he was threatening to sue me for. Which is sort of what started this, I told this to Shannon and told her he was losing his mind, getting insane and threatening with lawyers. And that's what started the cascade."

The stories of Atchley's drinking causing embarrassment for the fighters were repeated multiple times by sources who spoke to Bloody Elbow. Multiple sources stated that Atchley often would spend entire event weekends at the hotel bar, becoming increasingly belligerent including two different sources telling a story of Atchley running up a bar tab for a couple hundred dollars at a hotel bar and slinking back to his room and leaving a relative of Alexis Davis to pick up the tab.

Another Invicta and Strikeforce fighter who didn't want to be named said "My biggest issue was his conduct. I didn't think that it was appropriate that every time we went to an event, my business manager was drunk the whole time. There were also just a lot of lies."

She also had similar issues with Atchley sharing other seemingly personal and confidential contract details.

"He would say 'I talked to so-and-so and they only get paid this much. Oh, Ronda Rousey pays her manager this much. I talked to Invicta's lawyer and here's this person's contract' I didn't realize how bad that was until I brought it up to Sam (Wilson - a woman who has helped many WMMA fighters) and when she told Shannon she said 'whoa, whoa, whoa, if this is true I have to fire my lawyer today.' because as a promoter you just can't do that. But then we ended up finding out that he was full of bull."

This was a running theme of drinking, lies about the ability to blackball fighters from Invicta and (before their closure) Strikeforce, the sharing of seemingly confidential information and sponsor pay not quite adding up with everyone who spoke to Bloody Elbow about the situation.

When reached for comment, Shannon Knapp stressed her earlier statement that nobody has the power to blackball fighters from the promotion and that they employ fighters, not their management. And any fighter who deals with a manager who claims to have the power to influence Invicta's decision making should contact her directly.

Sam Wilson, who has worked with many of WMMA's top stars, said of the fact that many of these stories had not yet come to light "The bottom goal is to protect the females. If they can't trust somebody, they're going to be out there all alone. Thank god for Tara LaRosa because she put a name to it. Now we can talk about it. Because before, everybody was afraid."

VCURamFan 05-23-2013 09:30 PM

More fighters allege inappropriate behavior from WMMA manager Brett Atchley

Also from

With the Bloody Elbow story coming out earlier today about the alleged improper behavior from women's MMA manager Brett Atchley, more personalities in the women's MMA community are speaking out. It appears that much more will surface in the coming days.

Sarah Maloy reposted the Bloody Elbow article on her Facebook and added the following statement:

I was very torn about posting this article...I don't want to bring any negative attention to our sport, but at the same time, what is happening is NOT ok! I was unfortunate enough to have my own encounter with this man at an Invicta event. I am a strong woman n rebuked his physical advances as forcefully as he made them. I was also told that he was the only way to get an Invicta contract or even another fight with them for that matter. He even implied that he would get me a contract without hiring him as a manager under inappropriate circumstances. I admit he got n my head a little...I mean I wasn't able to get an MMA fight for a while n did a couple boxing matches. Of course I came to my senses, but just n case there is anyone else out there that is struggling n a situation like this, please feel like u can talk about it! There is such a strong community of WMMA peeps that will support u 100%!
Amateur fighter Alyssa Vasquez, Fallon Fox's last amateur opponent, was on the ProWMMA Now! podcast last night and she shared her own story of inappropriate conduct from Atchley at Invicta 5.

She initially talked about how Atchley had talked to her about his pull in the industry and claimed that he was the reason Alexis Davis didn't receive an immediate UFC contract:

"He has friends in the industry that 'do him favors,' and he referenced Alexis Davis not getting a UFC contract in the initial wave of UFC fighters when they initially opened the female bantamweight bracket. He said she didn't get her contract because somebody was doing him a favor because she screwed him over, allegedly, in some business deal."


"After we hung up then he shoots me a text. I had told him I planned on going to Invicta 5 and then he shoots me a text after we hang up and he says 'hey, when we're there, we should grab a beer.' So I replied back as I would with anybody and I said 'sure, why not? Awesome beer and groovy people, hey, fire it up.'

And shortly after that one he sends me another one and he says 'we should hug.' So I text him back and say 'Yeah, cool! Hugs are awesome.' And then he texts me another one and he says 'we should kiss.' And at that point I wrapped up the conversation only because I didn't wanna feed into it because I knew he was drunk and I didn't want to feed into it and have him say anything he would regret later. The next day he texts back and he writes 'I'm sorry, I respect you. I didn't mean to cross the line.'"
She then shared the story of what happened at the event when they did meet up:

"During the intermission (at Invicta 5) we met in the walkway and went to a local restaurant and went right to one of the bars and sat down right at the bar.

As soon as I sat down I'm face forward at the bar and he grabs his stool and he pulls it up riiiight next to me. And he's asking me like 'what's wrong? You're not being very social.' And I was just like 'oh, I'm very shy.' Which, I am shy but I'm also very funny about people being in my personal space straight out the gate. And I will say that at no point in time did I put my hand up and say 'hey guy, you need to back up.' So I'm definitely going to eat a lot of fault for like how this event happened. We were sitting there having the beer and he's telling me the latest and greatest drama with one of his, business, business and then abruptly it stopped and was like 'you're a real cool chick. I like you! I think you're cute!'

It's nothing that's really sleazy. The things that he was saying to me were the kind of things you could say to somebody on the street and they wouldn't think that you're like wildly inappropriate. It wasn't anything too crazy so I was just laughing it off like 'You're so funny, Brett. Let's get back to the fights.' And it was just kind of dragging on."


"So we ended up wrapping up the beer and we go to hug each other...well, first I tried to pay for the beer and he said 'no, no, no, I got it.' He insists so I was like 'You shouldn't have done that,' but I thanked him for it because I didn't want to be an a-hole. It was a very nice thing for him to do. So we hug to part ways and we go in and immediately he kisses me on the neck and we pull apart a little bit more. I pulled back to pull away from him and that's when he legitimately kissed me. ...I just kind of wrapped it up like 'okay, guy.' It was kind of like, I didn't go with it but I just stopped it in like a nice kind of way like 'okay, you kissed me. I don't know where the •••• that came from.'"
Multiple fighters have contacted Bloody Elbow since the article ran this afternoon so keep an eye out for more updates in the coming hours and days.

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