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Tyburn 05-14-2013 07:17 PM

Outrageous Contracts...
So it turns out that the UFCs basic fighter contract has been made public due to the fact its come up in court with Alverez.

Its funny because no true numbers are used for pay, but we have a load of verbal guarentees by the Management on special bonus etc.

Now, usually I might give the benefit of the doubt to such a company, there is no way that really good fighters would tollerate being paid peanuts...but now im not so sure..


Well its simple...because they have a written part that they make the same verbal guarentees against concerning fighters being cut.

The Truth is the UFC can terminate your contract the moment you loose a single fight. That is the written statement on fighter contracts being terminated. Whilst of course they assure us they dont use that as a bench mark...the ultimate reality is, they keep who they like, and they terminate who they dont like.

If they can not be honnest about termination clauses, why should we assume they are being honnest about pay rates???

I expect its about as adhoc...the more they like you, I bet, the more they pay you. Its probably as simple as that, and as unbelievably descretionary as that also.

In my opinion, they do not treat their Fighters with the Respect or Fairness they deserve. They hold their most basic fundemental rights, not just whilst the contract runs, but for life...and infact, even hold rights over fighters AFTER they have died. Whilst one presumes thats merely the right to show video taped promotional stuff...that ISNT what it says in the contract, you could very much interpret that differently.

In essence, the Fighter has no rights...and the company has lots of Rights, the right to treat its fighters like slaves should it so wish. If, for example, you get injured in an accident...they could decide to extend the contract without your permission, holding you with them chronologically longer...OR they could take aggreed fights off you, dropping your aggreed quota of fights, and failing to pay you what was a guarenteed pay check. Or...if they like you, they could "ellect" to do nothing at all.

Its like being in King Henrys stay in favour, or meet Madame Guillotine. Absolutely appauling. The only way to combat this is a Union, that is the only way to make sure this company treats people right....the irony, is that if they treat people well and guarentee them afew rights, they would have found that content people wouldnt even consider the need for such an institution. People never think about their rights, unless they feel they are being unfairly treated.

I knew this was the case with that company when they started cutting good fighters for no reason whatsoever, and keeping their special favourites. They are acting in a corrupt manner...and that wont go down well with non american viewers, who struggle to tollerate "at will employers" anyway, let alone blatant coruption.

I am extremely dissapointed.

See for yourself

VCURamFan 05-14-2013 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by Tyburn (Post 199879)
I am extremely dissapointed.

Again? I mean, are you surprised by this or is this just further confirmation of your on-going disappointment with Zuffa?

rearnakedchoke 05-15-2013 02:35 PM

you know what ... my boss can fire me too if i don't live up to expectations ... i don't see your infatuation with this ... fighters are fighters because they want to be .. nobody is making them do this .. they do it because they want to ... if they are good at it, the money will come ... if they aren't they have a decision to make, keep fighting or quit and look for a new line of work.

Neezar 05-15-2013 03:33 PM

Dave! :laugh:

Tyburn 05-16-2013 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by VCURamFan (Post 199882)
Again? I mean, are you surprised by this or is this just further confirmation of your on-going disappointment with Zuffa?

A bit of both, to be honnest. :sad:

I am a little suprised they are so blatant in their contracts, and what I hate more then liars, are lairs who pretend they are truthful. There is a very good reason that they didnt make this public...its not because they are a private company...its because its morally corrupt, and they know that, and they know a lot of people wont approve, so they try and muddy the waters by promising its not as bad as we think, but refusing to show us...

...This would corrolate directly with Pay also. They dont disclose the ammount, because they are being deceitful. They put on an act of caring for their fighters wellbeing, and being morally and ethically upright and assure us that people get paid fairly for their risks...but they refuse to show us the details, because that proves they are liars.

Ironically, I can cope with a liar, who simply lies, because you know where you are with them. you know they are untrustworthy, and mean, and they dont try to hide it. What really irks me, Ben, is those who are all of the above, but pretend to be nice, pretend to be honnest, pretend that they care and are acting in a Just manner.

When we didnt know, there was always a chance that they might not have been the liars I thought they were. Now, its proven that they are.

Tyburn 05-16-2013 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke (Post 199891)
you know what ... my boss can fire me too if i don't live up to expectations ... i don't see your infatuation with this ... fighters are fighters because they want to be .. nobody is making them do this .. they do it because they want to ... if they are good at it, the money will come ... if they aren't they have a decision to make, keep fighting or quit and look for a new line of work.

I dont know how it is in Canada...but in England we have something called Employment Law, which forces capitalistic companies to treat their workers like human beings, and not like slaves. We believe that Citizens have certain rights when it comes to being employed....The biggest of those rights, is that the workers are treated fairly, and that Organisations should listen to the Workers if they have areas they feel that are not being addressed

We strongly believe in work under Contract Laws...there are next to no "at will" employers...and that is because we also believe in Rights against "Constructive and unfair dismissal" This means that you CAN NOT distroy someones way of life, by giving them the sack for no good reason, because you simply do not like them for example. It also means that there are standards that are not discrectionary for the company.

For Example, if the UFC has a contract with a fighter, it should be black and white, AND applicable to ALL. That means, if you loose a fight, you are cut. It doesnt mean, if you loose a fight you "might be" cut...because that means you "might not" and there is NO good objective reason to keep/cut fighters for the same reasons, without it being discrimination against a fighter.

Sure, if you want to cut, for example Paul Sass, after a loss...then so be it...but you better bloody cut Josh Koscheck also...and yet, they do not. That matter of fairness, is about treating people with dignity, rather then using them like inanimate objects. People are not possessions that you can discard if they displease...that is Slavery...and of all the Civilizations on this planet, NOONE shouts louder then the United States of America, about Freedoms and Fairness...and yet they just dont get it do they?

The same mistakes, and some are thrown out with the trash, and others elivated beyond their abilities. Noone who supports such things can claim any moral authority on Rights of individuals.

Oh its fine for the UFC to throw away a useless Briton, and keep a privaledged American, because they are private, and they "own" the company.

Funny...When England "OWNED" America, and treated HER subjects with that kinda malice, she was the first to throw an all out hissy fit of "how dare the King" That REALLY upsets me, it really annoys me, because I start to see it as the very epitome of Hypocracy on behalf of a Bunch of US Capitalists that wouldnt know a "GOD-Given Right" if it was written on a stone tablet and given them in an Ark of Covernant.

Not a Clue....

...and then for the UFC to continually lie about their motives "We're cutting because our Roster is too big" NO Your Cutting because you gave every man and his dog from Strikeforce an automatic entry into the institution for NO reason at all. "We're trying to make room to build our lower weight class divisions" Really? then explain the amount of Debutees that are appearing in Welterweight and above every time the US puts a show on that isnt in Las Vegas!!

Whilst some will no doubt say, what do you expect from a greedy multibillion capitalist company...the problem is, that can be comfortably ignored, until they do something that makes it personal. But when they start treating MY FRIENDS, people I know, unfairly...I can no longer hold my peace I'm afraid...what kinda person would that make me, if I did not display my complete disgust? I Love my Friends, and I am Loyal to them, if they are mistreated, then I see it as a sign of disrespect and dishonour towards myself as well as them. You insult my Friends, and you insult Me. You insult a member of my Family, and you Insult me.

I do not bear insults well, and notoriously hold grudges.

Tyburn 05-16-2013 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by Neezar (Post 199892)
Dave! :laugh:


Chuck 05-17-2013 04:11 AM

Is this about Jen's again??? :Whistle:

MattHughesRocks 05-17-2013 05:22 AM

OH GEEZ....:rolleyes:

County Mike 05-17-2013 02:37 PM

England blows. Get over it.

In America (or at least, what used to be America) you have to earn something before you get it. If you don't like what the job is paying, don't do the job. Simple and fair.

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