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Irish Pride 03-17-2013 01:30 PM

GSP...I know I know...
So I said I know ...I know... in the title because I know it is another GSP thread and we've had them before. But I'm really having an issue with this...more of a quandary then an issue. I originally had this in the UFC 158 thread but making it here:

I stopped watching in the middle of the 3rd round of GSP vs Diaz and just went to bed. I really wasn't interested in it at all. After 7 fights all being decisions I knew it was going to be yet another decision. GSP said that he was going to show all these new things. I didn't see them. Of course that could just be hype which is fine, I know they have to sell fights but.... I do not find his fights interesting to watch at all. I guess there are a lot of fans out there that are technical fans that love watching his technical fights. It surprises me that he continues to be such a PPV draw. I figured there would be less technical fans then that. Maybe I am analyzing that wrong though and that's not why he's a PPV draw. Any opinions?

I feel odd because he is such a PPV draw and yet I do not like to watch him fight. I feel that since he is billed as such an amazing athlete that I SHOULD like to watch his fights. But the knowledge of him not finishing anyone in over 5 years is always at the front of my brain. Perhaps I should remember he is billed as an amazing athlete where as Anderson Silva is billed as an amazing fighter. Athlete vs Fighter. GSP has great cardio and staying power where people struggle to finish him and Anderson has great striking, etc.

Here are my main questions...

1. I realize that a fighters job is to win and not entertain. So my being bored of GSP doesn't really matter. He gets the job done and retains his title. The flip side of him not being able to finish anyone