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VCURamFan 02-27-2013 04:39 PM

Kenny Robertson's 'Suloev Stretch' kneebar submission against Brock Jardine


Before heading into UFC 157, most probably assumed the Submission of the Night was a lock for the Queen of Armbars 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey, and few would expect it to go to a Facebook preliminary fighter, as traditionally these 'of the night' bonuses elude the lower profile fighters.

Fortunately for Kenny Robertson, his submission was unique enough for fans to already consider it a 'Submission of the Year' contender. Talking to Ariel Helwani backstage, Robertson explained the origin of the move.

"I kind of made it up in college when I was wrestling, unfortunately I tore a kid's hamstring in half doing it. But I learned ... I converted it over to submissions and it worked really well. All it is is when people try to get the hooks out, they tripod up and try to shake you off, you just reach down (and) lift that heel right up."

Without getting into too much of an editorial on the reality of inventing a technique that hasn't been done before, all I'll say is, for as long as humans have been competitively grappling the likelihood of creating something new is incredibly small. As Coach Billy Robinson likes to say, moves aren't invented, they've just been forgotten and rediscovered.

Even in MMA, Robertson's unique looking submission has actually been pulled off just over 10 years prior, at the 2 Hot 2 Handle 5 event back in 2002 in a fight between Amar Suloev and Paul Cahoon in Rotterdam, Holland.

Suloev is an Armenian fighter and an early MMA combatant that trained out of the Russian 'Red De