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VCURamFan 12-10-2012 04:40 PM

Tito Ortiz advised Cyborg Santos to turn down Ronda Rousey fight


SEATTLE -- UFC President Dana White's lips curled in amusement as an old antagonist somehow found a way back into his life.

"That's the fight that should be happening," White bristled, referring to Ronda Rousey's elusive superfight against Cris "Cyborg" Santos. "Tito Ortiz is her manager, and (he) advised her against it."

Ortiz and White have a lengthy and tumultuous history together, though this time the dynamics have changed. Following retirement, Ortiz founded the management firm Primetime 360, where he adopted Santos as one of his first clients.

Santos, the former 145-pound Strikeforce champion, has long refused to drop down to the bantamweight division, citing potential health problems with losing so much weight. In recent days, however, "Cyborg" has changed her tune, saying she would attempt to make the cut.

"I wasn't the least bit surprised," said Rousey. "I know she can make 135, and so does she. It just takes her a little while to realize that this is the only option she has. And it took her a little bit longer because I don't think she's that bright.

"It's going to happen eventually. I can't make these girls fight me when I want the