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VCURamFan 11-13-2012 03:56 PM

Anderson Silva sitting until late 2013, Bisping calls for interim title


Originally Posted by Anderson Silva says he won't fight again until the end of 2013

When Anderson Silva knocked Stephan Bonnar into retirement in early October, it was believed that the UFC had bypassed a key hurdle on the way to a Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre super fight. The last obstacle will come on Nov. 17, when GSP faces Carlos Condit. With a St-Pierre win, there would be no major contender issues, and talk could finally turn to financial matters in putting together what would clearly be one of the biggest money fights in mixed martial arts history.

But in the final days before St-Pierre vs. Condit, expectations may have to be tempered. In a Monday interview with Tatame, Silva said that he has no plans to challenge St-Pierre after the completion of UFC 154, and furthermore said that he did not expect to fight again until the end of 2013.

The undisputed middleweight champion did confirm that he would be in Montreal to watch the longtime champ battle the interim belt-holder, but said it is "not in my character" to challenge anyone in the cage, as UFC president Dana White suggested he would do.

Moreover, he said he would take time off from the octagon to attend to some of his personal business projects, including the construction of a new gym and a movie role. With so much on his plate, he said he would likely return at "the end of next year."

A one-year layoff would be the longest break from action he's taken since his arrival in the UFC. With St-Pierre already having missed the last 19 months of action due to injuries, it's unlikely that if he won, he'd want to spend another year of his career on the sidelines while chasing a fight that may never happen.

Also noteworthy about the Silva situation is that the 37-year-old has two fights left on his current contract and could be angling for a lucrative extension, especially with a huge-money fight a possibility.

Also from


Originally Posted by Michael Bisping asks Dana White for interim title bout if Anderson Silva sits out

Earlier today, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva stated that he might not be returning to the octagon until the end of 2013 due to movie commitments and other things. This would leave the UFC middleweight title on the shelf for well over a year if it actually did come to fruition. Well, it didn't take long for contender Michael Bisping to chime in on the situation. Bisping meets Vitor Belfort in the main event of UFC on FX 7 in Brazil on January 19th, and asked Dana White on twitter to make that fight a little bit more important if the champ is on the sidelines:

Originally Posted by @bisping
@danawhite if Anderson wants to take time off to be a movie star make me and vitor for the interim title????

Even though it's extremely unlikely to happen, it's not the worst idea in the world. It's a high-profile fight between two of the top middleweights in the organization and if Silva wants to take time off, why not? I'm sure Chris Weidman might have something to say about it, but the winner of the Weidman vs. Tim Boetsch at UFC 155 can face the winner of this bout. Seems pretty simple to me.

County Mike 11-13-2012 06:01 PM

Taking a year off without an injury as the reason should be unacceptable. Even with an injury, they should probably set a time-limit on how long you can wait between defending the title before it goes up to an interim title fight, then another length of time before the interim champ becomes the undisputed champ. It should just be written as a UFC rule.

For example: Don't defend for 8 months - goes to an interim title fight.
Don't fight the interim champ within 4 months after that, interim champ becomes undisputed champ. You want it back, you'll have to work your way back up to contention.

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