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  1. J.B.
    05-11-2011 02:57 AM
    In Floyd's defense on his performances, he can still say he beat all three of those men first. Mosley was coming off a dominant win over Margarito when he lost to Mayweather, and then he looked like crap against Sergio Mora and was another year closer to 40 years old before getting the Pacquiao fight (which is what I'm sure Floyd would say if he was pressed about it, lol)

    I've always liked Floyd, but he needs to get his problems sorted out right now if all the reports are true. I have a hard time believing half the stuff they print about him anymore because so much has turned out to be bogus, but either way I just wanna see him box again.
  2. J.B.
    05-11-2011 02:53 AM
    I think that no matter how you break it down, the majority of folks will still say Pacquiao was more dominant over Oscar, Ricky, and Shane than Floyd was, however there are always two sides to look at.

    Pacquiao threw more punches against Clottey than him and Mosley threw COMBINED last Saturday, and Floyd is notorious for cutting people's punch output way down after they figure out that every time they swing they just whiff and end up getting countered. Part of it was probably just Manny having more respect for Shane's abilities than he should have considering where Mosley is in his career, but the fact still remains that if Mosley could make Manny slow down, Floyd will almost definitely slow him down big time.
  3. JavierDLC
    05-11-2011 02:20 AM
    Hey J.B so I know we are both LiL' Floyd fans and I just wanted to hear your opinion about something.
    I was just looking at the news headlines about the Pacquiao/Mosey fight and I stumble on some that said Pacquaio Outclassed Mayweather against Mosley? Now I know styles make fights and just because Floyd beat Mosley it doesn't guarantee that he would beat Pacman and Vice Versa?
    Even though Pacman knocked Mosley down and Mosley Rocked Floyd I still think Floyd beat Mosley in a more dominant fashion!
    What do you think? And do you think now after comparing both fights that either one has a slight advantage over the other?

    I see how Pacquaio gets frustrated and gets hit when people “run” (ignorant people call it running) from him. So I feel that Floyd’s elusiveness and speed would give him a slight edge over Pacman.
  4. JavierDLC
    08-25-2010 04:56 PM
    Yeah bleacher report and the Examiner should change there name to Manny Pacquaio Nuthuggers / The Anti-Mayweather fan club! LOL =)
  5. J.B.
    08-25-2010 06:42 AM
    yeah brother, I wouldn't get to excited about articles like that on Bleacher Report. Anybody can write articles there, I have actually wrote a few over there myself but I stopped going there a while ago. The fact is that some fights ARE fixed, and a lot of times it's years before real evidence surfaces, if it ever surfaces. Still, on the highest levels of the sport there is some pretty strict oversight by numerous parties. Fixing a fight on that level would put many people in prison for a long time. While it has happened in the past, it doesn't happen as often as some fans like to believe and I see a lot of things in that fight and that have happened before, during, and after that would debunk that theory.

    A couple people and myself have started up a little website where we are gonna blog about Boxing and MMA. It's gonna be up in the next week or so and I will let you know so you can check it out.
  6. JavierDLC
    08-25-2010 05:06 AM
    Hey J.B I just wanted to see what you had to say about this article http://bleacherreport.com/articles/4...t-really-fixed
    Are these people serious or just trolling ? It pisses me off =)

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