View Full Version : Tyburns TUF Talk Episode 2

09-27-2010, 03:18 PM
As has become the UFCs custom, the first week of TUF is always taken up with a bunch of hand selected prospects being asked to prove their worth by fighting to gain a place in on the reality show. Naturally, as usual, the UFC only show highlights from half the fights, this saves time, but makes it impossible to make predictions on which two fighters will be selected for a wild card fight and immediate advancement later in the show. For now, for me, two people stick out. The first one is called Kyle Watson, we only saw highlights of his fight, in which he choked out his opponent to gain entry into the House. The other fighter was Dane Sayers, who wasn’t always winning the fight that got him into the house, and might have started with an egotistical display that nearly backfired, but showed that even with and after making mistakes, good talent and heart can produce a victory. One thing we can say is that TUF has taken a step back from pure hype


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