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View Full Version : The Pacific

03-10-2010, 01:07 AM
I had my wife order HBO so I could see this. Tom Hanks next mini series of WW2 this time showing the Marines side.

04-05-2010, 09:54 PM
Just premiered tonight in England.

We got a double bill. Similar to Band of Brothers it is as good. First two episodes blew me away. Once again, shows the true horrors an hardships of war and how men will never be the same again.

I am pleased they have shown done this with the Pacific theatre of war. Great to watch but also heartbreaking. It is scary to think this is only 70 years ago that so may young lives were lost.

I could weep for that. I truely think these programmes should be shown in school so that younger people can understand and appreciate the sacrifices those people made.

to borrow from Churchill, "never has so much, been owed to so few".............

County Mike
04-05-2010, 10:55 PM
Added it to my DVR list. I think I have a couple episodes recorded but haven't watched any yet. Looks pretty good from the infomercials they've been running.