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10-24-2009, 08:14 AM
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Turn it down or turn it off…
October 23, 2009 By: Carolyn Hileman Category: Carolyn Hileman

Turn it down or turn it off…
Carolyn Hileman

When I was younger I listened to your usual rock music and even though I am sure it was at a reasonable level, my parents God rest their souls never really seemed to think so. I always heard turn it down or turn it off, now of course with two teenagers in my house it is me who is saying that, I don’t need to worry much about groceries I get my fill eating crow. Now I have found out that rock music played at a loud volume for extended periods of time is considered torture, not just torture but according to groups such as REM and Pearl Jam it is un-American torture, so I think we as parents should sue these rock groups for producing instruments of torture.

If as they say playing this music really loud for long periods of time is torture, there should not be a court in the land not willing to side for us parents. Since the ACLU has long been advocates against torture I urge parents across the country to go to http://www.aclu.org/affiliates/ click on your state and call their local office and demand they represent parents across this country who have been injured by this torture device invented by rock groups in America. If this type of treatment is deemed unjust for people who are confirmed enemies of the state well it should certainly be deemed unjust to require parents to be tortured by it.

Personally I always believed rock music was American but since there are so many of them signing on to the playing rock music is torture thing I am starting to wonder. For those of us who grew up listening to Free bird and Sweet Home Alabama, that is just a little hard to swallow, granted I can understand the words to those songs, REM, not so much. Now I could see where it might be embarrassing to find out that in fact your music was one of those torture techniques that you demanded be shown in the spot light but to say playing rock music at ear splitting levels for extended periods of time is torture is saying that every single teenager that has ever lived is a torturer.

You know of course that the prisoners of that camp are going to sue over this so I think we parents need to get ahead of the game; they have opened the door wide open for this so I say we as parents walk right in. If this is not what the bands are saying then they need to tell us loud and clear that they do not think it is un American torture, otherwise as for their whining, they need to turn it down or turn it off…