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View Full Version : Why I need Prayerful Support

06-21-2009, 10:44 AM
Today our Preacher told us that he had sought legal advise before saying what he was about to tell us. The jist of the story is two remarkable characters from Iran each fled to England before Amahadinejhad rose to power. Each were Islamic, and fled because they became "Apostate" in other words, they converted to Christianity.

Both young men are part of our church serving team, infact one is the Crucifer.

Both guys are in serious trouble sinse the home office (Governmental Department) has decided they dont deserve to be British Citizens, and has also UNBELIEVABLY decided that to deport them would be Safe (They are working off a mandate FIVE years out of date when it comes to Iran...if you cant see that country is unsafe to deport Christians into your ignoring the truth...bit riddiculous when your THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT!!!) They went to court, and the Government won, they went to an appeals court, and the government won, they went to the European Court, and the Government won....Its not very likely that anyone would be foolish enough to go against the Government on the case of immigration, Even with a Bishop giving Evidence.

I can tell you that it takes a hell of a lot to make me weep in public, but I dont think there was a dry eye in the church after the surmon was over. These two boys dont stand a chance....and noone knows how long they have to wait on this list before being deported, where they will then be imprisoned and tortured before most likely being executed.

There is but one person on the planet with the power to save these two men. I must write at once to The Queen.

06-21-2009, 12:15 PM
I'll be praying about the situation, Dave. I believe fully that God can do anything, and also that nothing happens that He does not allow because He is sovereign. His will shall be done in this situation, and it will work out for good (Rom. 8:28).