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05-14-2009, 11:23 AM
Good episode, another dominant victory for team UK Ross was just better in every aspect of the fight.

Bisping should never be allowed near a tennis court again :)

Man every year someone has to come on the show and cry about how bad they have it and how hard it is to be in the house, despite its crushing inevitability it still makes me more every angry with every passing year. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for gods sake just man up and get on with it, take advantage of the fact you are being coached by a true legend shut up about your relationship with your parents, if it is that bad sort it when you get out. Crying in the house and saying I want to go home is helping no one.

Well rant over

On a separate not I notice less American posters with every passing week on this subject why could that be :)

County Mike
05-14-2009, 11:53 AM
It is funny how much people complain about being in the house.

It must be sooooo hard to have all your meals paid for and you get what you want by writing it on a list. To just be in this nice house and have nothing to do but train for your career and the opportunity to get fast-tracked to the UFC. Some people will just never appreciate the opportunities they're given.

I'll say it again though - the USA team is severely watered down. Half those guys would struggle in my gym. Where did they find guys who have a few pro fights and still manage to know so little? I was told that some states don't have amateur MMA so the guys just go straight into pros before they're really ready. At least NJ has one thing right.

05-14-2009, 04:41 PM
I guess i should do a Bisping and really ham this up!!!!!

Go on the U.k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Havent watched the episode as of yet but im sad because i liked Ritchie Whitson but i guess the better man got through.

I'm really surprised but no matter how it ends up America is still more advanced than the U.K and i am semi presuming this is the cream of crop that we can produce.

I mean just think if the little Ginger Ommpa Loopa had beat Nick Osipczak!!!!!!

Oh and Jason Dent is all business, he will be going through garunteed.

05-14-2009, 05:22 PM
I like the U.K guys better to be honest.

05-14-2009, 07:39 PM
Richie got beat like a red-headed step child..... The UK guy tossed him around so much, you can now call him "Raggady Andy"....

I missed about 5 minutes of the show.... Wasn't the US older-guy with the hurt foot supposed to fight someone on this episode???? The way he was pouting/acting, I imagine it would have only lasted a minute or two anyway.... Was just wondering....

05-14-2009, 08:37 PM
I like the U.K guys better to be honest.

I agree, Chris. Our guys have done nothing but whine and b**** and fight amongst themselves since this thing started. And last night, mohawk was crying! :blink: And from what they showed for next week, I'm not going to be any happier with our guys. I can't remember their names but that one US guy who doesn't want to fight his UK buddy (the blond mohawk guy), I think he's the one they showed Dana and Dan asking "what do you want to do?"--that's next week's show. Are you kidding me!!! :rolleyes:

Sure they aren't there to necessarily make friends but where in the heck is country unity and team spirit--wherever it is, it's not with our guys that's for dang sure! :angry:

Buc Nasty
05-15-2009, 07:51 AM
How did Faulkner manage to hit himself with the hammer? :laugh:

I thought Ross looked really good. My housemates and I are enjoying supporting team UK being 4-2 up but we all really like Jason Dent, hope we see more of him after the show.

05-17-2009, 11:13 PM
So for the first time this season I've caught the title credits, and I find it absolutely fascinating that Henderson appears before Bisping. The UFC have long since used the Liturgical order to show prominance, the more important the fighter, that later they come. The UFC have already chosen Bisping over Henderson. The first half hour was full of fun in the house which included Richie getting impetigo and Jason Pierce freaking out and seemingly fumigating the whole house in an effort to avoid catching the bug. Pierce you will remember has made good friends with Faulkner, and the two dont seem to want to fight each other, but by process of elimination they are the only people left. Both had minor injuries and so the fight wasnt shown this episode. Pierce had hurt his foot during the American Trials, and Faulkner managed to hit his own leg with the sledgehammer when trying to hit tyres. Stupidly, Bisping did this little training practise in the gym, and Dean manged to miss tyre, foot, and smash a hole in a very expensive mat. Ooooops. Not the most intelligent thing to have done. But am I talking about Dean missing the tyre, or Bisping putting the tyre indoors in the first place...

Jason pierce grows in apathy and this annoys Demarques, who always has a swearbox rated opinion on something. His little clique featuring cameron Dollar, upsets Jason Dent, who would rather not be involved. Pierce says something ironic "Im not here to make friends" and yet, its his new found friendship with Faulkner that is causing a problem, and its one that both his coach, and Cyrille (another coach on the Henderson team) have noticed. Jason pierce is negative and his heart isnt in it. He is seen tiring of training and just walking out of the session.

The Coaches then do battle against each other on a tennis court. Both look pretty untallented, but its Hendersons Serve that Bisping just cant break that leads the U.S to victory. Whats the response "You can stick your tennis up your arse" hahahaha

So it is decided after Whitsons birthday goes down with a realllllllly large cake, and his impetigo has cleared, that he will fight Ross Pearson. Meanwhile if im not mistaken, cameron dollar cries on Cyrilles shoulder out on the balcony, he's missing his family and just wants to go home. Funny how Alcohol brings the feelings bubbling to the surface.

Now onto the fight itself, Richie Whitson verse Ross Pearson

The fight began and lets just say Whitson seemed to be more aggressive. Ross began to score mainly with kicks and takedowns. The fight was then halted by Ref Herb Dean and, I think it was a good call, because Whiton got his face smushed by a knee when he was on the ground. they decided to deduct a point and the fight continued. Its very hard to say who was winning. Finally it went to ground and in the closing moment Ross scored with an armbar. I cant help thinking that Whitson should be taken more seriously based on that fight, seen as a scrapper, but a weak show against one of Englands wellknowns, I dont think he did to badly at all. I also think Ross might have to up his game if he is to get through the next round. Pearson prostrates after the fight and the episode comes to a close.

05-18-2009, 09:32 AM
think the thing to remember about the fight is that Whitson was not 100% going into the fight, with the Impetigo, there is no way he was 100% fighting fit and sharpe, as he was unable to train properly going into the battle.

Added to that the people that called him a scraper were his own coaches, who funnily enough are his coaches normally, Whitson is a Team Quest fighter at Hendos gym.

As for Ross, he did what eeded to be done, scoring well with striking and takedowns he was winning the fight due to them right before he had the point taken away, great call by herb. did the very same thing again in the next fight with cyborg, only that one eded in DQ, so well done whitson for manning up and continuing to fight.

I have seen Ross fgt a few times, and that was not a good showing by him, especially as he is one o the favourites to win it.